Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make it smirk

Blog friends, I have been a very uninspired blogger of late. I was sick of everything I make. This kind of craft fatigue meant that I needed something new and interesting to do. Something nice for myself, because goodness only knows my wardrobe could do with a boost.
I settled on a worthy project: A second attempt at making something grey, since the last time I tried to do that I accidentally ended up looking like an elephant.
Pattern: Simplicity 2656.

I made it in grey rayon, because it hangs nicely and I thought it wouldn't need ironing. In case you think the same thing about rayon let me tell you right now, it does need ironing. I chose a pattern with a design feature that would show off a trim because I had a lovely lichen coloured trim I wanted to use. What do you mean "What's lichen coloured?". It's something that's the colour of lichen growing on rocks at the top of Mt Arthur, of course!

Lichen on a rock, see? Anyway, here are some sewing details. I used bias binding to do the hem because the edges just kept on fraying so I thought it best to just cover them up. I handsewed the hem using herringbone stitch, which I had almost forgotten how to do. I tried and failed to do an invisible zip, so I did a crappy old style zip instead.

And now I'm going to show it all made up, with me lifting up my top just a little small modest amount so you can see the top. Yes I KNOW my eyes dissappear when I smile. I'm sorry. It's the best I can do. At least I'm not scowling like SOME people I know.

Now, the reason why I called this post "make it smirk" is partly because this post is a little like my sister's blog, all of this talk about sewing garments. The other reason is probably immediately obvious to anyone who went to Logan Park High in the 1980s.

Yep, I have accidentally made my school uniform. Oh dear, dear, dear. Please console me by sharing a sewing disaster of your own. Log in as anonymous if you have to.

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  1. Oh no! No story to share yet (currently swearing over something tho) but it's entirely possible you may have saved me from the same fate. I've been searching hi and lo around town, trying to find a fabric like this to make a winter coat. I've only just realised it's my school kilt.

  2. for me, it was an 80s dress I made complete with a huge pussy bow in a very bright fruit patterned fabric. Yes I was a walking fruit bowl! Love your smile!!!!

  3. It's a cute idea and still has potential to work. Let's work on that baby when I'm down next week and see if we can't make that uniform rock.

  4. Cute is exactly what I thought...or at least the potential is there with just a little tweaking.

  5. i love your new skirt. i've always liked grey and yellow together, even if it does look a little nz school uniform-ish. i did the same thing recently, when i made this dress...
    turns out the print is almost exactly the same as my old school kilt.

  6. Hi Jen - I think you you so young ans so stylish in that photo. The skirt idea has much potential.

    Love MArg

  7. Well I was a Queens High girl myself, but I do remember the Logan Park uniform, and I'm pretty sure it didn't have any cute lichen coloured trim on it! I reckon that as long as you don't wear it with a shapeless maroon jersey and black nomads you should be fine.

  8. Well Miss Smith I made a lovely red skirt in the weekend and there is something seriously wrong with me iron. it puts out some sort of white paint! I thought it was the iron board cover so I changed it but no! so now I have a lovely red skirt with a green stripe across it. looks ok but not sure what to do about my iron!
    I love the lichen coloured trim and the skirt is not as bad as those scratchy bogan park skirts we wore!

  9. You look just as I pictured you! The best smile ever! -Christy