Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Delusions of craftiness

Hello craft friends and others. I say "others" because my statcounter tells me that my most popular page ever is the one about making a lemon battery, so I know that many of you have not come here to talk about craft. The second most popular page is the one about acids and bases, and the other experiments for small folks are all in the top 10 pages too.

Oh well. Not to worry. We are all complex mixtures of interests and talents, aren't we? There's no need to be one dimensional, even on a blog that you feel should fit into a clearly defined niche. Well, niche be damned. I now deem my blog to be a "craft, kids science, home made items and robots blog". I bet you've never visited one of those before.

Speaking of craft (were we speaking of craft? Oh yes, we were, this time), do you ever feel like you're a one- or two-trick pony? I do. Most often, if I am faced with a birthday, I make either a) a robot or b) some pillowcases. Pillowcases appeal to me on all sorts of levels. First, they are just straight lines and I never mess them up. Second, they are practical, and deep down I am a very practical person. Third, they are a fun way to put fabrics together. No one ever matches them up the same as I do. Fourth, they are a great stash-buster.

Pillowcases: Back of each pillowcase is blue with white dots; front is beige with a teal paisley trim.
These pillowcases were made on the auspicious occasion of my friend's 35th birthday. She is very sweet and funny so I made her some sweet and funny pillowcases. She thanked me sweetly and funnily.
Are you a one trick pony? What do you like to make?
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  1. Yep, I'm a one trick pony all right. My trick would be BWOF. I try to sew other things but I just keep coming back.

  2. Hi Jen - I feel like a no trick pony - atm. and I seriously love those pillowcases and I also enjoy looking at your blog when it is work that should be taking my priorities. What's the stat counter you write about?

  3. This year I'm saying it with Jam. With 30+ jars in the pantry, my usual trick of homemade mustard will have to wait.

  4. There's no delusions of craftiness in your household Jen. Some of us readers are wannabe crafters who never quite get it all together to make anything but we live in hope...and gather ideas. My trick at the moment is management. Oh yes, I have a staff member to boss about in the garden and do my bidding. (Bill) I hope it lasts.

  5. When it comes to craft and other talents, you seem to me to be an entire stable of ponies. Me, I'm in the "no pony, not even a glint in the sire's eye" type of pony. The closest I got was a macrame pot hanger at primary school and one or two Knitting Nancy coasters. I think we also had to make a pottery ashtray at Intermediate - ha - I bet they don;t teach kids how to make those anymore.

    Great pillow cases.
    Love Mary

  6. as a proud owner of a set of miss smith pillowcases i can say, they're the best pillowcases ever.