Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Office craft

The end of the financial year approaches, and I am once again scrambling to get all my financial affairs in order so as not to incur the wrath of the tax department. You don't wanna mess with those guys.
What do you think of when getting financial affairs in order? Folders, right? Well sure, I use folders, I use them all the time. See below, a folder in action.

This year, though, I had strange office-craft fusion thought pop into my head. What if I was to craft a folder? An A4 sized sleeve to hold all of my bank statements and receipts. Would that be crazy or cool? I made one, just to guage how it felt to combine office consumables with crafting.

Now that I've made it, I'm still undecided. I can't decide if it's silly or useful. I can't even decide if I like the fabric. I think that the rudimetary accounting that I have to do each year is scrambling my brain. Next project: A knitted calculator that runs off a lemon battery. I'm sure it's possible.
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  1. oooh, so much thriftier than my procrastination technique of .. it will all be ok, I just need to buy some new stationary first. I always liked to start my study breaks of any other paper related chore with a full set of coloured pens, just because..

  2. it's cool, really, blow the tax department away with something natty when you file your return as well.

  3. I agree with Mary Nanna - something bright and breezy to brighten up their dull, bureaucratic lives, where the only excitment to be had comes in comparing the colour of their walkshorts, long socks and sandals.

    May be it would also make them more amenable to claims to depreciate artwork and new dining suites, bathrooms etc . Might try it myself - if I ever get it together to file the return on time.

    Love MAry

  4. well, i LOVE your new folder. it's cool.
    i think i have to make something like this to encourage me to start organising my paperwork.
    p.s. is that william morris fabric?

  5. Looks like serious procrastination to me, lovely as the folder is. I get quite tidy around tax time-it's a way of quelling the fear.

  6. Oh Miss Smith - that is truly gorgeous. You are just too clever for your own chops

  7. To be honest I really love the idea of the knitted calculator - that truly appeals to me. I myself prefer the green cardboard folder and I like the concept of the crafted folder. Have a great weekend.

  8. Hey Jen, I can't seem to log on to house of Nana. How do I get an invite?