Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Now, who among you will confess that in the privacy of your own kitchen, out of earshot of small people, you refer to beetroot as "beet me root me"? Anyone?
Really? Is it just me?
Well, if you don't you should, because it gives you a great lead in for funny one-liners while you cook dinner.
Me: "Would you like some beet me root me with your dinner darling?"
Him: "Oh yes, I always want that"
That sort of thing.

Now that we've got the smutty intro out of the way, I would like to inform you all that this year I grew spectacular beetroot. Yes, in my garden. It was as big a surprise to me as to anyone else, because many things in my garden die of neglect or just sit there, sulking. I forgot to take a photo of it freshly harvested to impress you all so here is a photo of my purple dwarf beans instead.

Okay, back to the beet(me)root(me). I bottled them for later, because I have taken a great shine to beetroot salads, like this one, or this one. I based my recipe for bottle beetroot on this one, but mine has enough changes that it warrants me writing it out in full, I think.
Bottled beetroot
About 1 kg beetroot, washed but unpeeled
3/4 c white wine vinegar
1/4 c balsamic vinegar
1/4 c sugar (or more if you like your beetroot sweeter)
2 t salt
a few grinds of black pepper
Spices: 1 T coriander seeds, 1 t black mustard seeds, 1 t cumin seeds. Dry roast in a hot pan, then crush a little in a mortar and pestle
Cover the beetroot with water and simmer until tender. Rub off the skins, they should come off quite easily. Slice, halve, or quarter the beetroot into whatever size you prefer. Return to the pot with 1 C of the cooking water, the vinegars, salt, sugar, pepper, and roasted and crushed spices. Simmer for another 10 min then ladle into hot jars, top the jars up to the very top with the cooking liquid, and seal.

Ideally, you should use jars that you just got at a garage sale so that your husband can see that they are extremely useful after all.

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  1. Yum - gotta love homemade beet-me root-me! ;) HAHA!

  2. I really didn't refer to it as beet-me root-me... but now I'm never going to be able to look at a beetroot the same way again. Thx. :P ;)

  3. some very fine looking beetroot you have there Miss Smith - I have just made beetroot salad myself for dinner because I am totally out of vegetables. But I got mine from a CAN.

  4. Hi Jen - you are funny! While I was on Stewart Island I copied out a recipe from an ancient cookbook that was at the crib for beetroot pickle. I thought it sounded good. You can have it if you want it! I have just put a thought into the hopesphere that I might make a trip to Nelson this year.

  5. Beets looking good and so are the beans. I planted a packet of 'beet-red' presuming it was beetroot and up came red beet- silverbeet. No need to put that in a jar. Our favourite is a shredded beetroot pickle out of the Digby Law book. Good question about new relishes. I thought it would be a good policy to try one new relish a year, so as not to get stuck in same old, same old. Any suggestions for tomatoes?

  6. mm yum... love the look of that!
    even if i will now think of beetroot in a whole new way.

  7. You are a riot! I can't wait to say that in the kitchen (or try that in the kitchen.) The recipe looks wonderful.

  8. you can beat an egg but you can"t beet a root (beet root)