Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holidays, Volcanoes, and Back to Work

Sometimes my life has a certain symmetry with the lives of my sisters, like this week when my sister wrote a blogpost called "Volcanoes, Holidays, and Back to Work". My week could be summarized in exactly the same way.

Each year, we meet up with some old friends of ours, and our two families go for some beachy-bachy holiday somewhere. This year we went to a little bach in the North Island, about 90 min north of Opotiki. I hardly ever get to the North Island. The landscape looks so exotic to me, it's so different from the South Island. Not least of all because of the amazing volcanoes and the Rangipo Desert. Mt Ruapehu is like a kid's drawing of a volcano, don't you think?The bach was fantastic. It was all alone on a headland, surrounded by old pohutakawas that grow down to the water's edge. There was a little stony beach that was perfect for making a little fire to cook marshmallows, for swimming, and for listening to the sound of nothing but water and children.Our friend Matt, bless his little self, loves diving. He came back with two or three crayfish each day for dinner. It's what holidays taste like. (An aside: every where I go, there is a yellow formica table. Strange but true).I didn't take much craft stuff with me, because baches are traditionally for lounging around in and reading books, but I did take some yellow and black wool to make some little bees for Amy. I had best get my skates on and get these into the post. Aiyee!These were crocheted and I made up the pattern as I went along, but it was something like this: Chain 3 with yellow wool, then sc 6 into second chain stitch, forming a ring. Inc to 12 stitches in second round and 18 in third round. Alternate yellow and black wool crocheting sc in a round. Decrease 18 to 12 to 6 stitches over three rounds, the same as you cast on. Stuff before casting off. Embroider eyes and a mouth with black wool. Crochet rounds for wings (a ring of 6 sc increasing to 12 in the second round, and 24 in the 3rd round) and sew on.

My crochet instructions are very vague because I always just crochet by feel. It's just the way I am.


  1. very very cool Miss Smith - they are FANTASTIC. Soon you'll be crocheting robots, I can tell.

  2. Your holiday sounds perfectly - utterly and completely idyllic. A holiday in the North Island really does almost feel like you're in another country. especially if you're from Dunedin

  3. ...and we all love the way you are. Frankie says "Pee! Pee!" (Bee! Bee!)

  4. Those bees are delightful. Crochet is much more intuitive, with regards to winging it as you go (oh! Ha! a pun!). I also love it for anything that needs structure or 3Dness. I like them positioned on that lettuce also.

    And what a nice break to see colors and meadows and bathingsuits since we are all about deep white snow around here.


  5. I am beginning to wonder if you leave home with the yellow kitchen table in the back of the car.

    The bees arrived this morning and are beautiful. I had to pry them from my daughter's hand to get them strung up.

  6. ooooo, very sweet wee bees, love love them - clever you Miss Smith!

  7. Oh my Goodness Jen, we were near Opotiki at exactly the same time...on our whanau holiday...bugger, should read your post more often!! Anna