Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The elephant woman

My Mission: To sew something for myself. No crafts, nothing for the children, something just for me.
My selection: New Look 6807, which I had seen made up over here and thought it looked fab.
The fabric: A gorgeous slatey grey microfibre. Mmmmm.

I geared up for my mission on Friday night, and after a glass of wine for good luck, a phone call to my sister to sort out the tension issues on the machine (reduce the pressure on the foot, and change to a walking foot, in case you're interested in tricks for sewing knits better), I got started on my easy 2 hour top.
2 hour?
Ahem. Um. 4 hours.

I finished my top. It looked great on the hanger. See below, where it's looking great on the hanger.

I put it on and looked in the mirror and, well, what with the gathers making the wrinkly folds and the slatey grey colour and my, well, generous torso...I looked like....like...like...an elephant!
"I am not an animal!" I shouted into the mirror. The mirror said nothing, but looked at me accusingly.

I hope whoever buys it at Savemart likes it. Meep.
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  1. We can save it! A gorgeous big red belt! Or an orange one!? Or a blue one? Or a sash? Brooch? I think it is gorgeous! Don't Savemart it. Please. Love Vic.

  2. I demand a picture - I can't believe it's as awful as you think. I'm sure it's a bad case of "I sewed it and now I'm wearing it"

  3. Oh its so lovely! I refuse to believe you look like an elephant. Take the lampshade off your head so you can see better!

    I shipped your painting this morning! :)

  4. It looks like you made view A. I made view E. View E has much wider ties. and a much higher neckline. Please try view E, and use a nice cuddly double knit fabric! I think you'll like it!!!

  5. p.s. I will have to try the walking foot! My tricks for sewing are to use a ball point needle and like you said, reduce the tension.

  6. Surely it's not that bad? How can it possibly make your nose and ears look big? (just noticed that if you typo ears, you can get rears, not at all what I meant, all fixed now)

  7. Surely the top can't be anything worse than what a big red belt, as anonymous suggests, could fix? Big red has done a nice job of your blogsite after all. Alternatively, you could get a new mirror :)

  8. It really does look great on the hanger - are you absolutely positively sure it can't be worn?

    I have to add that I started one of these tops awhile back and as an over-optimistic novice, I tried to sew it up in silk. It now sits in a pile somewhere with all of my other UFOs, and it took well over 2 hours for it to even get to UFO stage. I blame the fabric of course.

  9. Yes, I too have made a similar top, looked lovely on the hanger and not so lovely on me, how rude.
    But I do agree a belt can work wonders.