Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Student Environmentalist's Man-Bag

To reduce a bit of brain (and house) clutter around here, I'm on a mission to get rid of things I don't need, and finish things I've started. The former is easier said than done, especially for a magpie such as myself, but I am following this 5-day program to get rid of things, and so far so good. As far as finishing things I've started goes, the sewing pile is getting smaller as I either ditch half-finished, badly thought-out projects, or finish the ones I still like the look of. Which brings me to....the Student Environmentalist's Man-Bag.

This was made from a felted jersey plus a few bits and pieces from my sewing box. The jersey belongs to my friend Kelvin. It was handknitted from handspun wool, and was worn until even all the darning couldn't hold it together anymore, so one could say it had had a long and useful life. However, Kelvin does not like to throw things out, and so I offered to see if I could make it go another round as a new item. I felted it the usual way (60 degree cycle in the front-loading washing machine) then cut the usable pieces out to make into the bag. The pieces deemed as unusable have been used to stuff a draught stopper.

Anyway, the Man-Bag has a certain rustic style that I hope he will like. He's not a student anymore, but it looks like the sort of bag a student would carry, and in any case, we were students when we became friends. The Environmentalist part is definitely still true.

On that note, can I show you some photos of some rather beautiful plants from my last tramp into the hills? First, New Zealand eidelweiss, and below, native Clematis in flower. Perty.

Have a lovely Christmas every one!
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  1. Great job on the bag, it's fabulous. I wish I'd known about felting when the last jersey my Grandma ever knitted me reached the end of it's wearable life. Hope you have a great Christmas too!

  2. That bag is great and so were the little red riding hood felted numbers. Will take up the 5 day program after Christmas! Now that my wardrobe has been replenished I have more than a few things to get rid of, hooray.

  3. I may have to ask permission to use those white flowers as reference for a painting...!

    ps. I have rest stop photos to send you! Haven't gotten to it yet, though.