Sunday, December 20, 2009

Storage of the fluffy and red variety

Aaaaages ago, maybe a year ago even, I bought a red wool jersey from the junk shop and machine felted it (The 60 degrees Celcius cycle in my front-loading washing machine, in case you're interested in details.) It came out amazingly well, thick and deep red and felty felty felty. It was so thick that I had trouble sewing it, which shelved my immediate plans to make it into Christmas decorations. It went back into the sewing pile so I could have a good long think about what to do with it.
Last night while blog-surfing I found the right project, which conveniently fits a current need in this house for some small storage containers. I made some little boxes, more or less following these directions over at Applehead. I didn't bother making a lining, because the felt is so thick that it easily holds its shape anyway.

The small one is now my lipstick container.

The large one was immediately stolen by Sylvie "It's my little red riding hood basket." Of course it is.
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  1. awwww....they're adorable! esp. the "lil' red riding hood" basket!

  2. hey cute miss smith! nice job with the felting.

  3. super duper cute - I think I will rush to the hospice shop right now and look for some felting stuff.

    Thank you so so so much for the edits. ONce agian you are a life saver. I can't thank you enough. Report has now been sent. THe hardes money I ever earned in my whole life I swear