Sunday, November 8, 2009

This is a robot hijack

Sometimes when I'm making a robot a small person appears at my side saying "Can that be my robot Mum? Please? Pretty please with sugar on the top and hundreds and thousands and chocolate chips?". Well I'm a soft touch for any request sprinkled with chocolate chips so I almost always say yes.
The small folks are so hilarious in how they want their special robot decorated. It's always the biggest, craziest buttons from my button box, and they're not especially into dials and screens or other controls. Just big vintage buttons that make rather eccentric control panels and very spooky eyes, once you sew them on.

I'm perfectly happy to sacrifice the odd robot to their quirky requests, especially if it means they write great stories about them at school like this:

A robot and a person falling in love...sigh, what a sweet idea. I can feel a puppet show coming on starring Spooky Robot and Barbie. She's got to be good for something.
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  1. oh yes, those are spooky eyes what with their bloodshot threaded centres .. it's just like looking at a terminator.

  2. When I put your science experiment blogs on the staff room table for
    the teachers to try out one of them said to me that they didn't know I had a sister who was a teacher. So there you are - and when I read your post today I could easily have thought you were an exceptional teacher - ( well I think you may well be) - you listened to what your kids wanted and followed their ideas - and look at the achievements all round. one of the most basic conversations I have to have over time with the teachers is to respect what children say and try to hear what they are telling you. SO simple yet so hard!!

  3. Will Barbie be good for anything? Only time will tell but you can bet they'll keep that handsome robot and you'll keep the lovely story. Can't beat a happy ending.