Thursday, November 12, 2009

Never, never, never

I love pieces of advice that start with "Never". I always have.
When I was a teenager I worked in a retirement home.
A lady there used to say: "Never marry a man you meet in church".
Here's one from my friend Kelvin: "Never refuse a cup of tea".
From our builder: "Never ask a plumber to cut wood".
My Dad used to say: "Never explain, never apologise, and never do anything for anyone". This was rather funny because he frequently explained, apologised when necessary, and constantly did things for everybody.
From Simon: "Never eat something that's larger than your head".
And from Me: "Never miss an opportunity to show off your latest robot".

Have you got any "Never" advice? Please share.

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  1. From my friend's mother: never marry a short man. Seems a bit harsh doesn't it but my friend did marry a giant. From me, hmm, I guess I'd say, "never sew for a friend."

  2. Never pee on a bumble bee - don't ask me how I know.

  3. for me, it's 'never say never' hehehe!

  4. NEVER give adivse that starts...well I would Never let my child do that...put up with...give in too - as chances are you will, you will, and you will...teehee, froma mama of 4 who has had to swallow those words - AND eat my hat!

  5. Never piss into the wind.

    Never go to bed mad. (Marriage advice, that has worked for us thus far.)


  6. What a gorgeous robot. He is absolutely lovely. Actually I watched an English comedian last w/e (Tom Price, Tom Vince, Vince Price? something like that)who said 'I've never seen anyone eat half a horse and then stop and say I'nm full'. So perhaps you should never say I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. It certainly didn't do the old lady who swallowed a fly any good.

  7. This post is so witty. I laughed and then tried to think of something witty, but I had nothing. So, I left to go think and still thought of nothing except for:
    Never take in more cats than you can handle.
    Never leave Miss Smith's blog without a comment.
    (Still regretting that I never commented on a Hans Solo post way back when. "Yes, the man is just gorgeous.") There. Also, tell Kelvin he is the man.

  8. I was told to never trust a man with woman's hips or wearing white shoes. It was very confusing advice and I am sure contributed to some life-changing-decision-making...
    My personal belief, never underestimate yourself, or pieces of advice that start with 'never'. Vicxx

  9. how about never stand when you can sit and never sit when you can lie down.
    That I think is a saying of Aunt Ruths.

  10. never accept an invitation to a Frances Hodgkins staff christmas party.......

  11. Never leave a red corduroy robot by himself!
    Is this fella taken or is he available for cuddling and sleeping on and then waking up with silly cord lines on my face? because, you know, i have this *terrible* thing for red and corduroy...

  12. Never do today what you can do tomorrow..or the next day