Sunday, November 22, 2009

First aid

I've got lots of little half-finished projects lying around at the moment.
Case in point: A small first aid kit that's been waiting for me to sew it up. I made it from a felted woollen jersey that I bought from the Red Cross Shop for $3.00, with some ticking lining. Very appropriate, don't you think? An item from the Red Cross Shop being made into a red first aid kit, with a cross?

(Okay, I'm whispering this to you now. You know the term "phallic symbol"? Photos of little purses like this with the zip undone, well, they make me laugh because they seem to me to be the female equivalent of a "phallic symbol". Stifled giggles~ fnur fnur).

If you don't mind, I'd like to quickly gloat about how neat the zip is. It's become a point of pride because there have been periods of my life in which my zips were not neat at all.

I followed a tutorial for the first wee purse I made like this, and it was a piece of cake. For the life of me I can't remember which tutorial I followed, but it was similar to this one.

After sewing this I realized I should have used a walking foot to stop the seams from flaring- there's quite a bit of stretchiness in felted wool, and it's pretty bulky. As well, I ran a couple of lines of hand stitching around the inner edge to hold the seam flat and stop it getting caught in the zip. The little cross is a piece of felt, handsewn on at the end with a simple edgestitch. Easy.

What dinky little handmade things are you making at the moment?

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  1. LOL you are naughty! Very cute little kit though. I'm still puttering around with Christmas decorations for the swap, finally think I've got something I like and won't be embarrassed to send away. We took a leaf out of your scientific book this morning and made sherbet - tasting all the ingredients separately first was a hoot!

  2. Well Miss Smith, I am making a pair of trousers that are related to leggings to wear under a tunic. Still haven't quite decided on the tunic pattern so I thought I'd start with the bottoms.

  3. I must admit is looks nicer zipped up. Is that a very un-feminist thing to say?

  4. Whoops, I mean "it" not "is", must be the gin talking.

  5. Well I am NOT sewing anything, dinky, phallic, or otherwise right now, because darn it, my machine is yet again "out of time." (I should be able to let my nearly-11 yo sew on my machine and have it not be so fussy that it can't take a little bit of a tug now and then!) Not that I HAVE time right this very second, but I hate the idea that I might have a moment to sew and not be able to.

    Are there any crafty DIY feminist video tutorials for getting ones machine "in time" again?

    And that First Aid pouch is really really great.

  6. I am making the ugliest little set of pots at a pottery class . i am excelling in the art of hideous. That's such a cute little first aid kit purse.

  7. You crack me up! I've never seen a creatively handmade first aide kit ever. So much better than plastic. I love the way I had to lean into the computer to read the whispered part, just like you lean in when someone really whispers!

  8. The boys ran off and made sherbet as part of their science revision for the exam yesterday. Enjoyed by all. You could stock up that cute wee first aid pouch and keep it in the car: a vehicle accessory. One year we bought Mum a block of emergency chocolate that had a red cross on the front and in the small print it defined what sort of situation might require it to be opened and how much to dose. Something like that. I left my half of a Moro bar in the car recently and when I remembered and went out to get it, it was gone. The one who ate it said that it had melted on to the dashboard, which made the loss alittle less painful.

  9. hehe- i've never thought about opened purses in that way before, but now i always will! thanks, miss smith!

  10. I learnt the female equivalent of phallic the other day: yonic