Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feelin gooooooood

Remember how I started knitting some socks a while back?

They were going to be my quick-knit project, a wee thing to kick off winter and get my knitting fingers nimble and quick again. They were going to be a fun project that got me some super duper practical knitwear for myself. As well, turning the heel was going to be the thing that flexed my knitting muscles and demonstrated some knitting prowess.
Well, they took longer than I thought. And, what's more, it soon became clear that the wool was roguishly knitting itself into a man's sock, not a woman's sock. Hurrumph. The heel turning was very difficult, but I am rather churlishly blaming the crappy instructions (Spotlight, I cuss at your sock-yarn knitting instructions!). I messed up the heel three times on each sock! Three times for goodness sakes!
Anyway, I left them in a heap of 4 needles for a couple of months, and then came back to them in time for Simon's birthday a week or two ago. Don't his feet look handsome?
Wanna see some more? Go on Simon, lift up those jeans a little and show us some leg! I mean some sock.
And now I am among the knitters who have knitted a pair of socks. It feels gooooooooood.
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  1. those are very handsome socks. love the yarn pattern!
    my first pair of socks were equally troublesome. but once you've made one pair, there'll be no stopping you, miss smith. :)

  2. Wow those socks look faaaaantastic. I bet Simon loved them!

  3. Happy sockday Simon! Bless those hand knitted spotlight socks! Those socks rock!

    They're so beautiful you might even consider showing them off with a pair of summer sandals.

  4. yay for you ya sockknitter! a prestigious title indeed!

  5. I didn't realise they were going to be so fancy. Did you ever see any of Mrs Michie's socks? She would have been proud of you

  6. Very handsome, indeed! So manly and yet handmade. My own husband longs for a pair of socks. I knit some for him a long time ago and learned that he has the wrong sort of feet for handknit socks: knobbly and hole-producing feet! I hate darning.

    Hooray! Nice work!

  7. Those are VERY cool socks indeed.