Friday, October 2, 2009

Country Life for One Week

This week we are on holiday in the Maniototo, where my sister lives on a farm. I love it here. The mountains are so beautiful, the sky feels so big, and everywhere you look it's like a landscape painting.

These grape hyacinths are also worthy of a photo because they are rather spectacular en masse.

Anyway, being rural is a lot of fun for a week. I love that there is nothing to spend money on and nowhere to spend it, even if you wanted to. My sister takes care of a huge garden here, and she is a wonderful cook, so we have amazing homecooked everything for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Everything is homemade, just the way I like it.

Yesterday my sister threw a fantastic impromptu party for Sylvie, since it was her actual birthday. In my normal city life everyone goes to a lot of trouble over parties. They are fantastic and we have enjoyed each and every one of them, but the party my sister threw yesterday was so good and so inexpensive (about NZ $10 all up) I thought I'd blog about it, just to remind myself how good it was.

The formula for her instant party: A tablecloth (instant "special occasion"), two bottles of fizzy drink, pikelets with jam and cream, two bags of chippies, grapes, and a party game called "Don't eat Sam".

Don't Eat Sam- A Party Game.

You will need one bag of pebbles (smarties, M&Ms, or similar), one plate, and some children.

Arrange one of each colour pebble on a plate. Send one child out of the room. Choose one colour of pebble that will be "Sam". The child comes back into the room then begins to eat the pebbles off the plate one by one. When they pick up the pebble designated as "Sam" everyone shouts "DON'T EAT SAM". Then their turn is over and the next child gets sent out of the room. If the children are very little they get to keep the remaining pebbles because it's just too sad to lose the rest of the pebbles and there are tears. This is the voice of experience.

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  1. Tehehe...I love "Don't Eat Sam". Might just have to try that one ;-)
    ..and yeah, being away from shops really makes me aware of my rampant consumerist urges. We went to an outlet mall here today and the combination of school holidays and lunchtime meant practically no carparks were to be this really the best holiday entertainment Auckland can provide?
    (ahem....politely requesting no JAFA comments, please ;-) )
    Love the impromptu birthday party, too...that's the important stuff, isn't it, not stupid PC-pass-the-parcel where every layer gets a present.
    /off soapbox.


  2. I can smell those grape hyacinths from here!! Takes me back to NZ in an instant!

    And hey guess what? We play Don't Eat Sam too!! Except we call it Don't Eat Pete! And I have a piece of cardboard with pictures of people stuck to it, and an M&M goes on each person. Everyone who plays it loves it!! We haven't played it for ages so thanks for the reminder!

  3. oh sounds so lovely. And my kids would think that is the coolest game ever.

  4. Hope you are having a lazy time away and that you have a following of devoted brown shavers at your heels.

  5. Ohh... No fair, we got back from Central yesterday! We could have popped over the hill for a visit.

    Philip was in heaven, lambs, baby oyster catchers, 6 week old fluffy rabbits, tractors, trucks, tractors - oh, did I mention tractors....

    I haven't heard of "Don't Eat Sam" before. We'll have to give it a go. Glad you all had a great holiday break.