Monday, September 7, 2009

When doll quilts go baaaaaaad

G'mornin! Hi, did you have a nice weekend? We went to the beach and found some heart urchins, which was very exciting because I've never seen them before. They are very, very cute.
Speaking of cute, I'm making a big pinkitty pink pink quilt for Sylvie at the moment, and I've had a few moments where I've had doubts about the level of pinkitude. So I thought I'd make a wee doll's blanket with the offcuts, just to see how these pastels all go together in a finished item.

Have you ever heard the saying "You can never have too much gingham"?
I bet you haven't, because it doesn't exist. And it doesn't exist because you really, really, really can have too much pink gingham.

Still, I'm not an unpick-and-start-again kind of girl. The dolls quilt as a test run has just reminded me that you can have too much of a cute thing. But then again, it's not for me, and perhaps it's not too much pink gingham for a 3-year-old girl who loves pink?

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  1. very cute..really liek the binding you used outta fabric- and no, 3 year old girls can never concede there's enough pink...bring it on!!

  2. very cute, it looks great. Take a leaf from Trelise Cooper's book: she designs like there's no such thing as too many frills or too much pink and that's for adults.

  3. G'd Evenin'! If you're going to do pink, I say bring on the pink. Think cherry blossoms in China. Now aren't they lovely? She'll love it.

  4. awww so cute! lucky dolly, love the quilt, you can never have too much pink! we're going through the pink stage here too!

  5. The four year old will think you are the bestest person in the whole world for making her the most beautiful quilt in the world. It'd be worth facing all that pink just to see her happy little face as she snuggles under it. It's always nice to be a wee person's hero.

  6. The pink gingham looks just fine from here! Red gingham is better though!! But I would say that wouldn't I?