Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roll up, roll up!

Do you love robots? Do you love haberdashery? Is fabric a favourite? - brown wool, red corduroy, or maybe houndstooth? Combine your love of the technical and the domestic by purchasing a gen-u-ine Miss Smith robot this weekend at the Gentle Annie fair (Sunday 10 am at Hira, details here).
Here are two of the robot friends I'm selling there.

Okay I admit they're the only ones I've finished so far, but by Sunday, you mark my words, there'll be these two and more of these babies for SALE. Also on our stall are the superb domestic-ware (tea towels, door stops, draught excluders and more) made by my friends Katie and Vicki. Come and say Hi!
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  1. wow now I can see them in all their glory they look cooooollll I'd certainly buy one - I'd totally in love with the gingham one.

    bullixi for you! (word verification has been strangely prophetic today)

  2. I am so jealous that I do not live there and can't come to your craft table that I am going to sit here and pout and be a nasty peice of knitting for the rest of the day. Hurrumph! (I bet you'll become famous at the craft fair. The robots are scrumptious.)