Friday, September 11, 2009

Happiness is a robot factory

Good morning! I shook things up around here and added some new sidelinks, some you might never visit otherwise, just for variety you understand.
It was pretty fun finding some new links to add, I must say. A wee bit of cooking has been a drop-in of mine for a while now, ever since it was recommended to me by a friend. I've made some of the recipes and they're great. I added Psyblog because I've always really enjoyed pop psychology books and it's only just occurred to me that there's a whole blogosphere full of pop pschology out there. The biology blog is because I still like biology, even though I am not a scientist anymore, and Celebrity babies is like a tribute to trashy magazines, a guilty pleasure.
Anyway, I was reading about the science of happiness on PsyBlog and apparently you're supposed to find new ways of being grateful every day.
Wanna hear the list of things I am happy about today?

1. My children are funny and sweet and kind today, just like they are every day.
2. I am having a sewing day, and I love sewing days.
3. I am sewing next to my favourite retro wall lamp. I love that wall lamp, see how cool it is?

4. I am sewing robots for the fair, and that is a lot of fun.
5. I am listening to The Handsome Family, and they are sensational.
6. I just finished listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and not only was it very funny, but this week it also featured a story about something that happened in New Zealand. It was strangely exhilerating to hear NZ mentioned.
7. It is raining outside but I am cosy and warm inside.
8. I don't have any deadlines today.
9. It's Friday, and the start of the weekend is one of my favourite times of the week.
What are you feeling happy about today?

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  1. I'm happy because we just had an exam which means one less hand in for this semester and because in seven weeks I will be home for summer!
    Also my bedroom is TIDY for the first time in a very long time. Id forgotton how good it feels to be able to find things...
    Hey the robots look really cool I hope the fair goes well. I love your retro lamp too. I've always thought it was great!
    Have a good weekend

  2. Happiness is sewing easy projects after a whole series of long complicated ones.

    I am sewing a retro pattern at the moment that looks to be a whole lot of fun, nice fun breezy top with french darts and country singin' style angled front yolk.

    It has a piece missing, so I have had to be a little bit clever and draft a new piece. I still need a little bit of complexity to feel truly smug.

  3. I'm feeling happy about this post because it is a wonderful grateful list and about how you heard the NZ thing on Wait, Wait, because I couldn't WAIT, WAIT for you to hear it!

    You won't believe this but Glen is so tired & sensitive right now and he saw your robots and now he's slightly crying that you don't live here so you can "make us a robot whenever we want one." I'm not sure he gets the whole grateful list concept right now!

  4. That was in our (US) national news for awhile. NZ comes up every now and then. I think most people "up here" think NZ is quite awesome. I think the other recent story had something to do with flight attendants. I confess I often read the headlines and not the actual stories. Was there something I missed??? ;-\