Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodbye Neville, Goodbye Brian

Why did I bother with a fair? These two chaps sold via a lovely person emailing me at my little blog, before I've even got around to Felt or Etsy. In case you're interested, the NZ rate for robots is $NZ 28, or two for $50. Not that I have any in stock actually; just letting you know in case you're interested next time I get around to making some.

Thanks for the good times Brian, Neville. Have a great time in Dunedin. It's just as well you're made out of woollen fabric because Dunedin is quite chilly in the springtime.
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  1. Actually Dunedin has been lovely this spring! Now that some lucky Dunedinite is getting wool robots though I'm sure the weather will turn to c**p ;-)

  2. Bye bye Neville, see you Brian! We loved ya, so glad you're going to good home. Hope they rap you up all snuggly at night.

  3. Neville and Brian are such fabulous names. That's exactly the names I would have picked myself.

    Even in a lovely spring and glorious summer no Dunedin person should stray far from their wool. I always have merino ready to wear.

  4. i LOVE their names too. my dad has quite a few friends called neville and brian. bon voyage, little robots!