Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting back on that horse

Thanks for all your very supportive comments last post. I didn't mean for it to sound quite so tragic, really it was more of a funny incident than a soul-destroying one.
Perhaps one of the best things after a craft setback...(uncomfortable silence)... is an instant gratification project for a truly appreciative audience.
Dolls' clothes are a very good option. This little cardy was knitted in half-a-second-less-than-no-time from a single 50 g ball of double knitting wool. Would anyone like the pattern? I'll write it up if you're keen. Oh good, you are keen. The pattern is now below.

Ella, Gretchen, Amanda; call her what you will, but she will never complain about itchy woollens, or that she doesn't like the colour. Sylvie is delighted to have more clothes for dressing and undressing, and I have the satisfaction of a completed project.
The best part is that Sylvie said to me "I'm really impressed with you for knitting Ella's cardy." Thanks Sylve, what a treasure you are.
Cardigan for a 45-50 cm doll

1 x 50 g ball double knitting (8 ply) wool
1 pair 4 mm needles
1 pair 5 mm needles
1 pair 3.75 mm needles

Tension: 10 stitches to 5 cm on 5 mm needles.

BACK: Using 4 mm needles, cast on 34 stitches and rib 4 rows in k1 p1 rib.
Change to 5 mm needles and continue in stocking stitch until work measures 10 cm. Cast off 2 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows. Dec 1 stitch each end of every alternate row until 16 stitches remain. Cast off, decreasing at each end of cast-off row.
RIGHT FRONT: Using 4 mm needles, cast on 20 stitches. Rib 1 row in k1 p1 rib.
Next row: Rib to last 3 stitches, wool forward, k 2 together, p 1. Rib 2 more rows.
Next row: Change to 5 mm needles. Rib 4 stitches, k to end of row. Next row: P to last 4 stitches, (k 1, p 1) twice.
Repeat these 2 rows, making a buttonhole on every 10th row until work measures same as back to underarm. Cast off 2 stitches at beginning of next row, then decrease 1st at end of every k row until 14 stitches remain, finishing after a p row.
Next row: Cast off 7 stitches at neck edge, k to end.
P 1 row. Dec 1 stitch once at neck edge, still decreasing at armhole until all stitches are worked off.
LEFT FRONT: Work as for right front, but reversing all shapings and omitting buttonholes.
SLEEVES: Using 4 mm needles, cast on 26 stitches and work 2 rows in k1 p1 rib.
Change to 5 mm needles and cont in stocking stitch until work measures 10 cm. Cast off 3 stitches at beg of next 2 rows. Decrease 1 stitch at both ends of every alternate row until 4 stitches remain. Cast off.
NECK BAND: Sew up shoulder, side and sleeve seams.
Using 3.75 mm needles, pick up and k 42 stitches evenly around neck.
Rib 1 row, making one buttonhole. Cast off.
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  1. Can you show me the pattern and then sit next to me and help me make it? I am total arse at knitting! My track record includes a pair of baby socks that ended up different sizes. I would love to be able to make little outfits like that for the dolls.

  2. I would love the pattern if it is that quick. I am home today with a little feverish girl who only wants to dress dolls and listen to talking books and she would be delighted with expanded wardrobe options.

  3. Sorry to hear about the robots :-( If there are any going spare, let me know...I'm thinking a couple of handmade robots would be just the ticket for the boys this Christmas. Love the cardy, though...and there sure ain't nothing like an instant gratification project after a craftastrophe ;-)
    I'd love the pattern, if only we played with dolls in this house. Maybe I could tweak it for Darth Vader....whaddya reckon? ;-)

  4. Just caught up on your crafty news, the robot kind... sucks a bit doesn't it? All that work. You sound way more upbeat about it than I would be... but then you're a whole lot braver too - I'm too scared to even try. Love the cardy, pretty colour. My Gretchen had a brown(!) one that I laboured half a winter knitting when I was 11.

  5. What an excellent support-ster that young Sylvie is!! And yes, I'll join in the throng and ask how do I get my hands on a robot or two for Christmas??

  6. It is evident to me that Ella has been raised in a nurturing craft home. Other dolls without such sensitive upbringing, would likely complain about itchy woolens, or insist on certain colors, make lewd or rude comments towards knitters and maybe even to crotcheters. Ella is an excellent example of how dolls can really turn out, if raised believing in the ethics of craft.

  7. That cardi pattern makes me wish I had a little girl to do doll stuff with. My little guy does have a doll, but mostly he just does stuff to her that isn't actually allowed under current New Zealand parent/child behaviour management legislation. We know which way he would have voted in the referendum.

    Have you thought about knitting a tiny hairband for Ella? that's quite a 'fro!