Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Favourite projects

In general, sewing is a pretty fun passtime for me. It's always been my hobby rather than a chore. Having said that, boring sewing projects, like curtains for instance, wait a long time for me to get around to them.
My favourite sewing projects always sneak up to the top of my to-do list. Robots are very fun to make, because they're the perfect way to display your collection of haberdashery. But- and this may surprise you- not everyone wants a robot. Lately, my favourite sewing project for grown-up presents is pillowcases. You can make a pair pretty quickly, you can use a combination of loud and more complementary fabrics, and they are a great stash-buster for all those half- or one-metre lengths I have in my collection.

These ones include some reproduction red vintage fabric on the top, beige junk-shopped fabric lined up next to it, and blue and white striped cotton on the back. Here is one in situ.

What are your favourite sewing projects? I know everybody has one...

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  1. I'm sorry, Miss Smith, but I don't have one. My sewing is restricted to eventually getting around to mending the huge pile of stuff that sits in the corner of the living room, sulking.

    Oh, once I added some dinosaur patches to my son's jeans, which had crawl-fatigue. The process wasn't exactly fun but they have certainly been a hit. Does that count?

    I have been know to knit and embroider stuff, but that was in a past life. I hope I still qualify to read your blog?

  2. love your pillowcases! my favourite sewing project at the moment... hmm where to start? have to say that it's sewing 50s inspired clothing for vintage Cissy. I seem to be building up quite a wardrobe for her but nothing for myself lol!

  3. Have to say my "favourite" changes with the weather...knitting in winter, stitching in summer, and I go through phases.... I try and ride them out and see where it takes me! Love the pillowcases- I dolled some bought ones up using strips of fabric, and have just finished monogramming another set. I think it might be my go to gift for Christmas.

  4. Love the pillowcases! Not much sewing going on here at the moment, but my favourite is probably sewing stuff for my niece. It's nice seeing her wearing an
    Aunty Lou original!

  5. Ohhh, yes they are lovely Jenny, and if they need a home...

  6. cheerful and happy- that's what those pillowcases are. My favorite sewing project is just making that one thing finally after not making time for it again and again until one day the moment arrives and the project gets underway. Neville and Brian are larrikins. Since arriving here they have shed all remants of public servant behavior. You wont believe the mess I got up to this morning. Dishes all over the table - one of them had had 2 glasses of red wine !! THE other had pulled all the wallpaper down in the hallway and relined it with new jib board. I don't know how I'm gonna manage!! Still check your bank. They are all paid for now. THanks Heaps.

  7. Your pillowcases look so bed-and-breakfasty. I like sewing therapeutic rice bags best because its just a rectangle and I can handle it. Oh! Also happy that you sold your robots. How did you take the picture so they really look like they are about to go on a trip?

  8. My favourite thing to sew at the moment would have to be pants for my little boy, quick, easy and good for using up small pieces of fabric.
    He looks soo trendy with his 'one-off originals' on.

    I actually found an old stamp today in amongst all of my junk with a robot on it, and thought of you, would you like it?