Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fair: A tragicomedy

Well friends, today was the day of the fair. We trooped out early, laden with craft items. We sat dutifully at our stall, drinking cups of coffee and enjoying the sunshine. And guess how many robots I sold? Guess?

100, less 1. Not 100 minus 1, I mean 100 without the 1.

And you know what? That is just so funny. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little dissappointed. But really, only a little, and mostly it is just too funny. We laughed so hard about it at dinner time that Harry got a bleeding nose.

So, following on from Friday's happy theme, today my gratitude list is as follows:
1. I am really really grateful, no REALLY grateful, that I have a day job.
2. I am really happy that it was a nice day to be sitting in the sun, enjoying the PEACE and QUIET that comes with selling nothing.
3. I am really happy that I enjoy laughing at myself.

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  1. Oh Miss Smith, what a shame. I had a similar experience at a fair in Queenstown (back - hmm - shall we say about 20 years ago!?! when I used to make friendship bands).

    Loads of people came up, looked at them, picked them up, tried them on, complimented me on my extreme talent, agonised over which colours and patterns they would prefer, and then just walked away. Over and over and over again.

    Buy one of the friggin things, I was silently screaming, while smiling and wishing them a lovely day. Over and over and over again.

    I was on my own. I didn't laugh about it so much. Certainly there was no bleeding of noses. You are such a trouper.

  2. pppshst. Those people must have been tasteless/partially blind/somewhat stupid because your robots are AWESOME.
    And the good news is that now you have heaps to give away as Xmas pressies xx

  3. Whatever else it had, the day must have lacked people good enough for your robots. As someone has already said, choose homes for them where they will be appreciated for the gems they are!

  4. WHAT??????
    WHAT? (not too shouty, am I?)

    I agree with the above. Let's just get it out in the open. The people who went to the craft fair can kiss my grits.

    (I got really confused by the math problem. I'm glad you told us the answer.)

  5. Dear Jenny - I think the reason the robots didnt sell is because they want me to own them. Can I buy them please? YOu can post with invoice if you dont have any other plans for them. I think they would love to live in William Street.

  6. What about selling them online, or in funky shops? Don't be discouraged. Robots rock!

  7. this post made me laugh and cry- i'm so sorry that i didn't buy one of your fabulous robots yesterday! i was one of those bad fair-goers who didn't bring enough cash. or rather, had two whiney and demanding children who didn't let me spend it on things that i wanted (rides and food instead.) so can i please buy one from you this week? i especially love the red one.

  8. ohhhh, Im so sorry to hear that. I agree with a lot of what has been said. The few markets I atempted to do where a sales disaster too, at least lots of appreciation is received.
    I wish I could laugh so much that my nose bled. You are one lucky mama : )
    how is S doing for summer clothes? in other words, would you like to swap again? Id love to...


  9. Thank goodness it's nearly November. There are a lot of lovely homes out there for robot friends. If its any consolation our favourite potter (Marion) never sells anything at craft markets either so you're in the company of the finest artisans.