Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Grandma bought her a Barbie

I may have said a thing or two about our wholesome upbringing. My Mum and Dad were alternative types, living a very simple and frugal life in times when it seemed that hardly anyone else did, or at least, no one else we knew. Amidst all the wholemeal flour, the handmade toys, the books and the free-form artwork, I longed, LONGED for a Barbie. I wanted it to be plastic, pink, and matchy-matching. I explained this to my Mum and from pursed lips she said “I’ll think about it”. It must have grated against everything she wanted for us, but at the same time, she wanted us to have our own opinions.

She gave me a Cindy doll. I look back now and I love that she did. She really tried to give me that slice of popular culture, but when she got to the shop they all looked the same to her and Cindy it was. Within a few days its head had been pulled off and lost by my brothers, and a goony face had been drawn on the ball joint that was left. I can’t remember doing anything fun with it. I didn’t even make it any clothes.

Anyway, a few days ago Mum asked what Sylvie wanted for her 4th birthday. When I told her that she’d asked for a Barbie, Mum took her shopping and bought the exact one that she wanted.

Pink, plastic, anatomically impossible, matchy matching. It grates against everything I want for her. But she loves it, and I love it too because she does. My life has come full circle, and Mum and I had a really good laugh about that.
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  1. go Grandma - so happy you got the toy of your heart's desire Sylvie. I bet you looked better than Barbie in your party dress though.

  2. Oh I love that story and I love the blended family of toys in the photo. They look very happy together.

  3. I campaigned hard for a Barbie when I was wee, but to no avail. Sometimes I think I should buy one for myself, now that I'm big.
    Happy birthday, Sylvie!!

  4. I had Glamour Gals. They were tiny little Barbie-like creatures.... Oh, I loved them!

    Happy Birthday, Sylvie!

  5. Wow I'm in shock! Grandma always bought me cool presents, but they were things like pocket knives. I have to say I never thought id see the day. I remember getting my first (and only) real barbie when I was younger. She was Hollywood barbie and with a stencil you could spray paint blue stars in her hair. I remember it being such an exciting day and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. But Sylvie, your barbie is very cool!

  6. oh, how i love this blog post. you write so sweetly!
    happy birthday, miss s.

  7. It is a shock when Barbie joins the family, even with a lovely story like that as her cover. Be warned - she multiplies. Before you know it, there will be a Barbie wherever you look and wherever you step!

  8. Given the tears of laughter that streamed down one of your brother's face when reading of Barbie's beheading, he may have been the prime suspect.

    Mum was also in the "anti-Barbie, "edjacational" toys" camp but she gave in one Xmas - I got one but it came with a black dress that was stuck on - so there was no dressing up or clothes changing for me which kinda defeated the purpose - so may be Mum won after all.

    Happy Birthday Sylvie - I can;t believe you are 4.


  9. I love your blog Miss Smith.
    I too got a Cindy doll instead of a barbie when everyone else had a barbie. I still have her and all the clothes I made for her.
    I looked for you and your robots at the Ngatimoti Fair to no avail!!!
    It was a nice day but not many people buying stuff I dont think.