Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You want a pikelet with that?

Some of you have expressed interest in pikelets, not as in "I am interested in having a pikelet" but as in "I am interested to know what a pikelet is".
Well, pikelets are a bit like american-style pancakes, only smaller. They're scottish I think. Anyhoo, they are a main-stay of NZ home-made morning and afternoon teas, and occasionally they pop up in cafes too.
I always used the Edmonds recipe (The Edmonds Cookbook is found in nearly every NZ kitchen), but after reading about a million different recipes in various community cookbooks, I've come up with my own favourite. Here it is:

1 egg
2 T brown sugar
3/4 c plain flour
1 t baking powder
1/4 c rolled oats
1 t vanilla essence
1 pinch salt
1/2-2/3 c milk

Beat the egg and sugar until light and pale, then gently mix in the other ingredients. The batter should be quite thick. Lightly grease a frying pan with butter, then drop spoonfuls in the pan and cook for about a minute on the first side. Flip over, then cook about 20 or 30 seconds more.
(Notes: You can use 1 c white flour and leave out the rolled oats, if you like. I just put the rolled oats in to terrorize the children with added fibre. Also, if you're going to eat them later, add some melted butter to the mixture to keep them soft. Some people swear by using cream of tartar and baking soda instead of baking powder, e.g. this recipe)

I like mine with butter and golden syrup or jam, but the kids like theirs with peanut butter or even vegemite (Ew! Ewwww!). Two pikelets glued together with butter are a favourite lunch box extra, too.
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  1. Mmmm pikelets. Sooooo hungry right now. Mmmmm.

    Pikelets for dinner. Is that socially unacceptable?

    P.S. Just butter. All the way. Artery clogging amounts of it too.

  2. Vegemite? Ew! Where do kids get these ideas? Our recipe is an old family one, my great grandmothers, and it's of the soda/tartar variety. Afternoon tea... I think you've inspired me into the kitchen... again.

  3. Hi Jen - I think it's important to add that often the first cooked in the pan are a bit leathery until the butter has both absorbed properly and the pan is at the exact temperature usually only achieved after the first lot are cooked. The you get perfect pikelets. Of course I hasten to add that all your pikelets on the plate look perfect!!!

  4. They look yummy. I'll try some Sunday.

    Vegemite is a kind of like a joke, isn't it? Like Spam in the states, people certainly eat it but you just can't believe it!

  5. Its all coming back to me now! No wonder I always like to make pancakes so small!

  6. I've been making a modified version of the Edmonds recipe forever. (I have to quintuple it to feed everyone) Now I HAVE to try yours - fibre in pikelets? Genius!

  7. My youngest wants Vegemite on EVERYTHING. Crumpets. Blueberry muffins. Fruit toast. (actually, that last one's quite nice.)
    Some days I wonder if I need to get him a salt lick.

  8. Dear Miss Smith,

    Yesterday while we were sleeping Mum found your pikelet recipe and decided that we should try them for lunch when we woke up. She liked them a lot, but she did save some for us after our nap. We really liked them too, so thank you very much.

    Best regards, from the very happy tummies of Isabella and Nicholas.

  9. Oh, no. And I thought I was done with snacking for the night.

    Must try the recipe. Thank you!

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