Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nothing to see here.

Well, no craft to speak of, anyway. My current craft projects are big and rather slow going, read "unfinished", so I have no craft to show on my craft blog.
Do you mind if I have a quick gloat about some recent thrift finds? You don't? Cool! First, four of these sweet little glass egg cups, $1 each.

Here is one modelling an egg as an accessory. Work that egg! Gimme boiled! Gimme breakfast! Gimme dippies! (Or "soldiers" if you're not from my immediate family).
A jelly mould. Ahhh, jelly moulds, one of my favourite pieces of kitchenalia. Usually $15-20 in stylish antique shops, but only $2 at the Sunday market in Montgomery Square. I think I might have hyperventilated a little bit as I stuffed this one into my handbag.
A feather and down duvet. I love its puffiness and snuggliness and the great paisley print too. This was $8 at St Vincent de Paul.
In "Special Guest Star" news, did anyone else see Jack Black on Yo Gabba Gabba? Wasn't he a delight? That got our day off to a fabulous start (and made me think about making a fluffy orange hat, just for good measure).
What craft items are You thinking about making?
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  1. And I would like an orange jumpsuit to stuff myself into, if you please.

  2. Mmmm... feather down duvet....love. Oh and I read last night that you don't need butter on the pan when you make pikelets, you can just rub the pan with the cut surface of a potato. So said Aunt Daisy. Do you reckon that would work?

  3. Love the jelly moulds and of course the feather duvet is just divine...great finds. x

  4. Missed the Jack Black episode - shame!!

  5. Great op shopping finds ma petite soeur. Tres chic.

  6. What fabulous thiftin' treasures! I know what you mean about 'hyperventilating', sometimes when I find something at the oppy for a steal, I feel as tho I have to quickly leave the shop before thay change their mind!

  7. I love jack black. Who is funnier?

  8. Love your finds! I am looking for little vases at the moment! Also, have too many projects lined up in my brain!