Friday, August 14, 2009

No-nag thank-you cards.

I'm always learning good tricks from my sisters. My sister Miriam showed me a great solution to a problem that I'd been having re. making Harry get onto some thank-you cards: a meet-them-halfway approach. Here is a great birthday card she sent using pictures pirated from her children's doodlings.

See, I'd turned into a bit of a nag about this thank-you card thing. Harry got very generous and thoughtful presents for his birthday, and I really wanted him to send a thank-you card to people that he couldn't thank in person.
But in reality, it's quite a big ask for a 5-year-old to down-toys and make a heap of cards after the birthday has been and gone. It's a lot of work, and there are toys to be played with and trees to climb. I'm not going to stand over him and force him to do it, and I don't want to do it instead, because that defeats the purpose. Sharing the job is a perfect solution, but oddly enough, it just hadn't occurred to me.
Taking my cue from Miriam's birthday card, I ransacked Harry's artwork and then set about making some cards with it.

We chatted about each present, and I wrote what he said inside each card.

Harry's words and artwork make a lovely thank you card, with no nagging. Problem solved.
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  1. Cute! I love homemade cards. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

  2. Very cute - I looked at those cards and thought, "they look super cute, but there's something missing."

    aaah The corners haven't been tooled. Please make sure my thank you card has a tooled corner. Thank you.

  3. What a great idea, thankyou.

  4. Yet another birthday idea I shall gladly steal. ha-ha-ha-haaaaa. (That was supposed to be an evil laugh from an evil birthday idea stealing witch.)

  5. this is a great idea- yay you gals!!

  6. That's a very nice bear! I like it and the...rocket ship?