Friday, August 21, 2009


This winter, I took "homemade" into the medicine cabinet. Following instructions from my sister Miriam (didn't I tell you I learn lots of great things from my sisters?) I made this vile garlic potion to treat sore throats.

I used to be a scientist in my old life, and I can tell you this for sure: Just because it's manufactured and marketed by a big chemical company, it doesn't mean it's any good. So, even if this garlic tonic doesn't do any good, it probably won't be worse than a bought one, and it could even be a lot better.

Here's what to do: Pulverize 250 g organic garlic (because that won't have been sprayed, you see) with 250 ml vodka (the alcohol is what's important here, so you can use another spirit if you have it. I used gin.). Leave the mixture for 2 weeks in the dark. Yes, I said 2 weeks. Strain and bottle, and keep in the fridge. When you feel a sore throat coming on, take 8 drops diluted in something yummy- I use fruit juice- morning and night.

Here's another medicine that I use to treat most anything. It is very effective and you don't need to dilute it.
Have a nice weekend everyone!
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  1. Your past life gets more and more mysterious. When I was at boarding school the matron used to make us gargle asprin for a sore throat. I think they only did it to check you were REALLY sick because it was vile. If the garlic doesn't really make the throat better, at least it is a good litmus test for the kids.

  2. We've just eaten iced raspberry buns for our breakfast, so I can attest to the power of Fun Food for curing any and all ills. Good work, doctor!!

  3. Sounds foul! Can I skip the garlic potion and go straight to the chocolate?

  4. I knew you in your science life. in fact I'll have your other bloggers know that you were a HUGE help to me in our science lives. all those chemicals and equations were just too much for me.
    AND you were quite a spunk in your white coat...

  5. All smith wisdom and advise will be taken here in Indiana, whether it be stitching or science. I'll get started straight away, and will also use gin, as I have no vodka and like gin better.

  6. That garlic concoction sound awful, but I suspect I would give it a try.

    I admit eating a couple of rows of the second potion last night. No other excuse other than pregnancy.

  7. What kind of scientist? I did my BSc Hons at UC....

  8. You are eating my abosolute favourite chocolate.I hope you feel better soon.