Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matchy matchy

If you read my sister's blog, you might know that she likes thrift, resourcefulness, imagination, and sewing. Thus, she is doomed to receive thrifty, resourceful presents that are sewing-related when her birthday rolls around.
Exhibit A. Pincushion and matching needlebook. Made from junk-shopped fabric, yellow felt, and a button from the beautiful button box I was given by another sister, Marg.

Exhibit B. Once I had made one pair of matching items, I was physically unable to stop myself making more. So I made a card and then embellished the bejeepers out of the wrapping paper to match it. These are more pictures from the 1961 Woman's Home Journal.
Speaking of presents, is anyone else thinking that Christmas isn't too far away? What are you going to make for Christmas presents this year?


  1. Eeeek! Don't remind me that Christmas is just around the corner, just let me get through the impeding birthday season!!! Two of my children have birthdays in the next fortnight and once that's over I might just have to give christmas a thought or two...

  2. I tried to leave a message yesterday but I had trouble doing so .. love the pin cushion and needle holder..simply fantastic, you clever thing you...

  3. I think this Christmas I will give salty raisins and holy stockings

  4. Oh freaking fantastic gifts once again! Hey, are these other sisters Marg and Mirium and so and so going to start blogs too, because then I would be in some sort of blog heaven. I am making toys for Christmas. I need to work on that second troll for Glen and maybe a doggie for Frankie.

  5. i love the sewing set. beautiful fabric combos!
    but my brain can't deal with christmas yet. ;)

  6. ooh, people keep reminding me about Christmas. i don't want to know, yet! though i think my classic fudge will go down well again this year. no-one says no to chocolate! :)
    gorgeous gifts, i love the happy colours of the pincushion set :)

  7. A needlebook! I didn't realize...

    How smart. And blue. And yellow.
    It's just dreamy. And happy belated birthday to sis!