Saturday, August 29, 2009

Important weekend sewing

I have a very important sewing job this weekend: sewing nappies for Ella.

That's all well and good, but don't you hate it when you get little loops when you sew around corners of the velcro?

That is not supposed to happen.
I had to sit down with a nice cup of tea and think through what the problem was. Here is my explanation: every stitch on the sewing machine relies on a little knot being tied between the top and bottom threads. The loop happens when you stop the machine to turn the corner before that knot has been tied in the corner stitch. So, you have to stop the machine at the corner stitch only after the needle has gone right down and has begun to come back up again. I guess you all knew that already. Anyway, that sorted the problem out and now I have nice tidy velcro stitching. See?

And Ella has four new pairs of nappies, and Sylvie is happy.

And I'm just about ready for another cup of tea. How's your weekend going?

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  1. It is indeed tea o'clock!

    and you have reminded me of the bag of half finished dolly diapers that I need to sort out.

    Tea first though ;)

  2. Did you hear me gasp? That's not Ella, that's Gretchen! I had exactly the same doll when I was a kid and I really only became interested in her when I was 8 and able to sew her clothes. I gave her to my little cousins when I was anout 17, complete with marvellous wardrobe. She never had such styley nappies though...

  3. Hey, that's not Ella, or Gretchen - that's Amanda!! And she's not had anything on her bottom for years, nappy or otherwise. I'm truly a terrible person.
    And Miss Smith, you're indeed an applied scientist, working out that knot-bizzo on the sewing machine ...

  4. that is definitely important sewing - love the nappies, lucky doll!

  5. A mother's work is never done.

    And your thread loops are still better than my hot glue.

  6. So, guess what?!I've been drinking chamomile tea while I read blogs, and revamp my old doll, "Baby Snuggles," all the while listening to podcasts. (You've got me all podcasty, now.) My mellow is so completely un-harshed at the moment. I feel all connected! You're having tea and fixing up dolls too! Whee-hee!

  7. Hi Jen - I thought I'd let you know I just had a go at making my own blog if you want to go for a look, It's just a start and needs heaps of refining but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.