Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's birthdays left, right and centre at the moment. My sister Mary Anna's birthday yesterday, and my friend Phoebe's birthday this month too (two weeks ago actually, but no one's keeping score on late birthday gifts).
I can't show you what I made MA yet, because NZ post has selfishly neglected to deliver it on time, but for Phoebe's present I brought out an old favourite, the pair of pillowcases. Here is a photo with one showing the front and one showing the back:

I used material from my stash to make these (she said smugly, inwardly congratulating herself for her thriftiness). Basically, I follow the instructions in Lotta Jansdottir's Simple Sewing for making pillowcases, but I don't bother using her pattern, instead I just cut around an existing pillowcase adding about 1.5 cm seam allowance and a 20 cm foldover on the back piece.

Now I have a question to ask you, if you don't mind. If you were going to a country fair, would you buy pillowcases like these? Or a robot? Or pillowcases and a robot? Or lemon and orange marmalade? Some friends and I are having a stall there, and although I love to make stuff I have always been a little shy about selling stuff I've made. I just don't know what folks will like, I guess.

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  1. robots, robots, robots, I love them.
    Maybe marmalade too, orange : )
    let us know if you are having a stall : )


  2. Thanks for the bday wishes. I think food is a good idea, I would buy nice homemade jams and chutneys. The robots are cool, I'd make a couple and see how they sell.

    I can't remember when your stall is, but if it's on or near father's day, I'd make some manly pillowcases for him, no-one knows what to get for father's day and you could make it easy for them.

  3. don't be shy dear miss smith. Your homemade stuff is cool! they will sell like hoooooootcakes

  4. I would totally buy robots, they're so unique. And I'm a sucker for any type of homemade spread - marmalade, jam, lemon hiney, chutneys...

  5. I would buy all 3. Especially if I had enough money on me. Otherwise If I was running short I would go robot, marmalade and pillowcase.In that order. Cheers MArg

  6. I would buy a robot, they are truly cool.

    I love marmalade especially with mixed citrus.

    I think you should just do it. Don't be shy!

  7. cracking up at the hiney comment!

    One of my many talents is greed, so I would buy all three if I had the money. I think this order: Robot, then spreads, then pillow cases if I had to be choosy, but if not, like I said, all three.

  8. OK, first of all, I am a sucker for clothesline photos. And second of all, here I am so behind in my blog reading (never mind posting), that perhaps my feedback is not necessary anymore.

    I would buy all three. With so much joy.