Monday, August 3, 2009

Before blogging

In 1995, my sister and I went travelling together. Blogging didn't exist then of course, but we amused ourselves keeping a travelogue, where we took the mickey out of the all horrible, very cheap places we stayed. This was the entry for August 3rd, 1995.

And here's our version, with our own more accurate descriptions.

I still remember that night. We totally cracked ourselves up laughing at our own jokes. Yep, not much has changed in 14 years.
What were you doing 14 years ago?
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  1. Hmmmm..14 years ago, 1995. I was sitting bursary, and looking forward to heading off to university. Plus, of course, plenty of other 18-year-old goodness like drinking too much and fancying the wrong boys. Fun times ;-)

    I was sewing, though...a too-tight ball dress and a wardrobe of poorly made miniskirts. Oh how my clothing requirements have changed...

  2. umm, in 1995 I was having 3 lots of fertility treatments (all failed.) It was an emotional roller coaster year so not much sewing was done.

  3. well Miss Smith, that was a truely long time ago and I can't remember! how alzheimers is that?!!

  4. pa ha that still cracks me up but I think we were a little generous in our assessment.m

  5. Very funny.....
    14 years ago I met my husband at work.....very special memories! xx

  6. 14 years ago I was back at University to complete my degree and had a one year old. BUSY!

    Your brochure reminds me of the postcards my sister sent me while she was travelling. She sent the tackiest postcards she could find from almost everywhere she went. They were GREAT!

  7. Cracking up! Oh dear, I may have to put up a whole post about what I was doing 14 years ago, including visual aides.

  8. Well am I right in thinking that 1995 was the year we flatted together? I remember much talk about that trip and also some of the treasures you brought back, like those lovely Polish glasses.

    That year we all cooked delicious meals so it felt like we ate at a flash vegetarian restaurant each night (except for AB and the instant noodles, bless her). We had to hunt for recipe books down the side of your bed when they went missing. And we sat around in the evenings, procrastinating from study, watching Star Trek ("live long and proper"), knitting, and eating self-saucing chocolate puddings and porridge buns. Lovely!

  9. 1995 was my first year out of uni. I worked for a film production company for little money, but got to drink a lot of Bollinger and feel very important about being In The Film Industry.

    I love that you went travelling with your sister. I went travelling with mine in 2001, we went to Thailand and Cambodia. It was awesome.