Monday, July 27, 2009

The week-long birthday

It's wonderful but ever-so-slightly exhausting that birthdays seem to last for a week or so for my children.
The few days before the actual day are characterized by breathless anticipation, parcels arriving in the mail, and inability to sleep for all the excitement. The actual birthday starts with a family pile-up in the big bed, and frantic unwrapping of presents, then pikelets for breakfast, and a very special day at school filled with all sorts of birthday specialities (sitting in the special chair at news time, etc.). Later in the day there's the dinner of choice (Harry's was macaroni cheese, self-saucing chocolate pudding, and cake) with special guest, Grandma.
But it's not over after that, oh no, because there's birthday money to be spent and the party as well! I'm constantly learning new things about parties. One of the best things I learned this year was to consult the 7-day weather forecast over at metvuw. Then you can plan an outdoor party, even in winter, knowing that the weather is going to be good. This year we had Harry's party at the Tahunanui trains, which are a whole lot of fun and a snip at only $4 per child (6 train or boat rides).
My party cakes have got a whole lot simpler now that I go for the lollies and props method of decorating...

And as well as all the beautiful cards and the lovely presents that were brought along for Harry, one of the lovely mums brought me some flowers.
I smile every time I look at them.
Oh! I must add, the day after his birthday Harry said to me "Mum, I really like my new robot". But you know what? It doesn't trouble me whether he likes it a lot or a little, since I make them because it's something I like doing. It's fine with me if he's into other 6-year-old boy things.
Have you got any tips for making parties easier and more fun?
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  1. Yes my tip is to not celebrate them. Then they're REAL easy.

  2. i think you did a great job and don't need any tips! thank you for the lovely party- the kids are still talking about it... :)

  3. I felt like a birthday kid just reading this. I don't have any tips. I'm just stealing all of yours. Especially the family pile up! Now I am going to go google pikelets.

  4. Yours is a week, mine's a month. Count them: I have three birthdays next month to celebrate. I totally plan to consolidate the whole affair! I mean, whose up for Cinderella riding a race car made of Legos on top of chocolate-chocolate cake. My youngest son is addicted to chocolate; my older son to Legos. And it's my baby girl's first birthday!

    Last, last year, my husband made the boys a cake in the shape of a dump truck, iced with yellow frosting for the body and black for the wheels. He then filled the dump truck's bucket with the left over pieces of chocolate cake--it looked like dirt! Needless to say, it wowed everybody.

    Anyway... I've said too much already...

  5. I'm with Mary Anna... although I suspect I'm not going to get away with it this year ;-) So pleased to hear that all your goodies have been put to use, it's a bit of a risk buying vintage for someone you've never met LOL My kids loved the train when we were in Nelson, perfect idea for a party.

  6. So funny that our two boys had celebrations so near to each other. It's a whole lot of celebration the whole world over...and the moms/dads behind it all! I feel lucky that Sylvan's birthday is in a non-school month, because then there's less craziness like making two cakes a day apart (one for school one for home). With my December boy...ah well, things are always about to heat up for the mad rush. It sort of heralds a whole season of celebration. Thankfully we are not burnt out on celebrating on the 8th!

    Also, please inform: what is a pikelet?

    Always a pleasure to stop by, I have been lagging in my blog-reading lately.