Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wardrobe basics, retro style

Recently, my sister blogged about sewing wardrobe basics. Or rather, that she never gets around to sewing wardrobe basics but instead works on quirky extras. I am quite similar, except I don't get around to sewing wardrobe basics or quirky extras, because the sewing machine is in the kitchen, which is freezing at night.
But I digress. I haven't got around to sewing my wardrobe basics, but I've planned them alright. Oh yes. These patterns form the basis of my ideal retro wardrobe.

View 4, A-line skirt with patch pockets. Sweet, 70s style personified. I imagine this skirt in denim or corduroy with crazy loud fabrics for the pockets.

View 1, the shirt with BIG pointy collars. I imagine this in a small print, perhaps a paisley, in pale blue. The top stitching would definitely have to contrast, perhaps red or orange.

Ah, the evening dress. For hot dates and dancing. Oh stop that, I meant with my husband! This would have to be made in something stretchy with lurex sparkles. A diamante detail on the circular front gather would be very cool.

View 4 skirt. So hard to find an inverted box pleat in a skirt these days. I'll make it a tad longer than in the pattern, and I'm thinking about making the back of the box pleat contrast with the rest of the skirt. Perhaps a glimpse of red cord behind blue denim, or maybe I'll make the whole thing in cotton drill, with a small leather triangle at the top of the pleat.
Now all I need is two uninterrupted weeks of sewing time.
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  1. Hey, lovin' the clean lines of your new blog layout .. and what an adorable set of retro patterns. Plenty of fun to be had .. we must organise a sewing weekend sometime this century...

  2. Those retro patterns are great! I say - put on some fluffy slippers, fingerless gloves, and get to work. lol

  3. I really like your choice of patterns especially the peek a boo pleat skirt. They'll make up a fantastic wardrobe!

  4. I love the dress pattern - I have something similar, all gathered like that in the front and I'm dying to make it. Except I'm guessing it would look better on someone who actually has some cleavage...

  5. You look fantastic in your wardrobe!