Saturday, July 11, 2009

So ridiculously relaxed

Oh hello! We have just been away for a week in Collingwood, one of our favourite spots. See the wintery skies? I love beaches in winter, yes, I do. Maybe it's because I'm from Dunedin and most beach trips there feel quite wintery.

Under the wintery skies we build shelters on the beach, read magazines in the sun, and have glasses of wine far too early in the day. The kids even went for a swim! Aiyeee!

Collingwood is a wonderful but tiny town. There's a beautiful long beach, a river, a shop, a tearooms, a community hall, a cafe that closes in winter, a chocolate shop, a post office, and a company that runs tours of the spit. Would you believe that in all the years I've visited Collingwood (10, if you're a "details" person), I've never gone on a tour of the spit? Shameful.

But then again, there's just too much to do hanging out being in holiday mode. We don't take over a whole lot of toys, because it's fun making do with what we have. Same with dinners. We sometimes end up having pasta, olive oil, and salt for dinner. Can't beat it.

On the handmade fun front, our friend Vicky had a great idea to turn a box into a dolls house one afternoon. Oh my, it was so fun. We all went nuts with the scissors and housey magazines, "dressing" our house with furniture, people to live in it, a car, a garden, and food in the kitchen. See? Home made fun is the best kind.
Do you know, while I was away I didn't miss the computer at all. Well, I missed all of you of course, but it was great to have a week of not checking emails, not looking in online shops, just living in the moment with a cup of coffee and a sea view to die for.
How are your school holidays going?
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  1. Sounds absolutely idyllic :-) Sometimes I wonder if the computer is sucking my life away - I get so much more done if it's not there, calling out to me to check emails or mindlessly blog-surf.

    Holidays good. No rush-out-the-door by 8:45; gotta love that. Have lost Mr. 4s (full)lunch box from last term, though, which frightens me considerably...eewwwww! Maybe if I leave it long enough it'll walk to the kitchen unaided.


  2. I love seeing your photos of time spent in GBay, a wee bit like looking home through a portal. I think my Mum knows your husband- through the council maybe? Anyway, next time you're over there, if you want to take the kids to see some calves, piglets etc, she might be around at the farm. Let me know and I'll put you in touch. She likes your blog too!

  3. So glad you enjoyed your down time. That photo is divine. And I don't even use the word "divine"...

  4. "so ridiculously stressed" That's how I feel after my first week back at my old job which coincided with the first week of the school holidays. That along with TOms 18th birthday and getting Rosie back to Wellington pushed me close to the edge. Your holiday by contrast looks idyllic.

  5. I've lived in Dunedin all my life. (With parents who thought that a visit to Boulder Beach in the depths of winter in a festering southerly would be fun. We STILL give Dad a hard time about it!) But I do have very fond memories of other wintery visits to beaches. Running down the sand hill at Sandfly Bay is fun whatever the time of year! Yours sounds like a perfect holiday.

  6. Has it only been a week? Jeepers, it felt like a month at least! Sounds like a good for the bones type trip and I love the house you made!! I bet the kids love it so much. Yeah, the computer kind of sucks in some ways. Darn it, computer, don't suck, we only want the good parts, like cool pen pals!

  7. Oh wait. Have a funny. So glad Miss Smith is AT HOME now.

  8. We are exploring Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. (We just moved here a little over a year ago.) This place has plenty of parks and beaches to explore! It's nice to take a day trip and come back to home cooked meals.

    I remember making doll houses out of cardboard boxes with my cousins when we were 8/9 years old! It was a lot of fun.

  9. welcome back Miss Smith - I love that doll's house, looks like so much fun...

  10. I love the beach during winter time - it's so exciting - what a great time! x