Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prepare to be amazed

Last week, while we were on holiday, my blogfriend Miss Flossy came and stayed for a night at our place with her family. When we got home we found this treasure trove of crafty and thoughtful gifts- how lucky are we?!

First, a vintage tablecloth, ironed what's more. A handmade hexagon brooch for me; some deeeeelicious lemon cordial that is just right for our disgusting headcolds now that I've taken a photo of it complete; a beeeautiful pink and blue doll with the sweetest little face; some knitting and crochet books packed to the gunnels with dolls clothes, handbags, and teacosies; and some fancypancy soap all wrapped in paper. And there was more, too! A little leather bag full of wee figures, which I am not allowed to take a photo of right now because Harry is busy with them, and a new vintage teatowel and red gingham pinny, which are in the wash.
The moral of the story: Invite Miss Flossy to housesit if you ever get the opportunity! Thanks Miss Flossy!
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  1. Yes, Miss Flossy, if you ever find yourself homeless in Auckland ..

  2. That IS fancy! And now I know all about cordial. We stick a peppermint stick into an orange and suck. That will cure what ails you, alright!

  3. Home now and finally time to draw breath. We had such fun putting all the bits and pieces together. It's quite challenging to try and imagine what the kitchen of someone you've never met looks like but I think we managed. Funny how we just kept finding green things at thrift shops that day... I love the little doll so much that we're making more. Hoping to get back to Nelson soon... maybe in the summer so we can swim at the beaches. It's a gorgeous place.