Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I posted a picture of this beautiful little doll already, but the tiny picture in the midst of all the others just didn't do it justice. Every time I look at this wee toy, I think how extremely clever its maker, Miss Flossy, is. I love its cute Japanese styling and I love that it is so girly and pink.
I didn't always love pink. When I came home from the hospital with a little girl my neighbour said in concerned tones "How on Earth are you going to handle all the pink?" I laughed naively and said "Just because she's a girl doesn't mean I HAVE to dress her in pink." But guess what? It does. Pink is her very favourite colour, and every morning she chooses a top-to-toe pink outfit to wear.
So I'm embracing the pink. I'm making her a patchwork quilt with two types of solid pink, pink stripes, pink gingham, pink floral, and a teeny bit of blue and green, just for interest.

I'm free-wheeling with this quilt, big time. No pattern. No layout. Just me, my scissors, my sewing machine, a plan forming as I sew, and a whole lot of lovely pink. I love it because it's Sylvie's favourite colour. Motherhood has changed me.
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  1. that doll is just the cutest :) Love the colours for the new quilt as well

  2. I admire your selflessness in sewing for Sylvie. cannot motivate myself. even at the thought of Benjy getting very sick if I don't sew his wet weather gear.
    "oh well, he'll get better, I suppose."

  3. When I first had Sadie I never dressed her in pink and she always got mistaken for a boy. I still dislike pink but of course it's her favourite colour! I can handle a dirty pink but baby pink and Barbie pink I still struggle with. Oh well...I will just have to go with the flow now. xx

  4. I've seen pink creep up on the most anti-pink parents. Even parents who planned to keep to black and purple, let all family and friends know and hunted far and wide for non-pink clothes. *sigh*

  5. Isn't that doll wonderful?!?! I like to paint with pink paint. Have fun with the quilt.

  6. How pretty that quilt is going to be! I loved the little doll myself and don't tell but I'm making one for me! Sophie had just made a transition from girly pinkness to (and this all happened in Nelson!) what I can only descibe as gangsta fashion - baggy jeans, high top sneakers and hoodies from Hallensteins. Quite a change.