Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making cards- The 1961 Home Journal Series

Blogfriends, my card making has stepped into a new phase of fanciness, because I bought myself a CORNER TOOL. Yup. A CORNER TOOL. It makes nicely rounded corners.
For this set of cards, I bought a 1961 Home Journal magazine from the junk shop (50 cents). It has some great illustrations and photos. Some of them have been "corner tooled" then pasted onto a card as illustrated below.

Some I kept nice and square on the corners, because it would be a mistake to go crazy on the cornering, just because I have a CORNER TOOL.

May I recommend card making if you're a little overwhelmed by big projects? It's fun and creative and you can do with a friend as you drink coffee and chat while your children play unsupervised in other parts of the house.
Speaking of big projects, my socks are coming along nicely and a very pink quilt is half-pieced. I can't wait to show you them when they're done. Enjoy your weekend, toodle pip!
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  1. Oh boy oh boy a Lincoln toy! well no actually it's a corner tool, obviously, but I was just trying to find a way to convey my excitement for you. Making cards is definitely the way to go, given that I saw greeting cards in Whitcoulls last week for a measly $13!!! What the....? Who on earth would pay that for a card? Crazy.

    I could do with something like a corner tool to keep me entertained, now that we are all tucked up at home in self- quarantine with likely swine flu. The earthquake, swine flu, what a week we've had here. Ciao!

  2. lucky you! the corner rounder has to be the best scrapbooking tool. Definitely a plus for making those cool cards of yours.

  3. looking good - don't think the razzing is ever going to let up on your new hobby though..

  4. As a self-confessed stationery-addict, I totally hear you on the love of cool tools like corner whatsits.
    Very funky cards :-)


  5. I have ALWAYS loved vintage pictures and especially pictures on vintage patterns. I'd love to have a collection of them framed for my sewing room walls.

  6. Oh the cards are so cute! The corner tool definitely makes asset.

  7. awesome! :)

    I have a couple of different corner tools from my very limited scrapbooking days - I quickly gave up because the sheer amount of work in it. I prefer to sew!

  8. I had so much to say until you said "toodle pip" and now, I have nothing to compare with that.

    WV: fignic -only figs in our picnic basket.

  9. Must agree with All this Trouble...The Toodle Pip really sent me over the edge. Will make a mental note to add that to my vocabulary. It sounds, from the context, that it could be either a term of endearment (Have a good weekend, my little toodle pip) or a salutation (like see you later). Either way, totally adorable.

    The cards are AMAZING. I am inspired to check out our Goodwill tomorrow for some funky old patterns to reappropriate, along with perhaps some new, cheap duds!


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