Thursday, July 23, 2009

The BirthdayBot

July 23, 2009: Harry's 6th Birthday
Model: The BirthdayBot
Function: Birthday Fun and Love from Mummy
Added later: Harry's response
"Mum, I love my transformer and my DVD and my new pens and my birthday money, and I quite like my new robot. But Mum, I don't really like brown."
Bless his little heart.
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  1. Yes, happy birthday Harry! Now I can't tell from the photo, but is he pint or full size?

  2. He is fully size, Mary Nanna, approximately 30 cm. Thanks for the birthday money. Harry is sick with excitement about an after-school shopping trip!

  3. Ah children and their brutal honesty. You've gotta love it!

  4. There is a whole lot of cuteness going on around here. I get my cute fix every time I visit.

  5. happy birthday, harry! i hope you had lots of fun with that birthday money and your new robot. :)

  6. "Bless his little heart!" You sound like an American farm girl! This is so funny. You put all this work into making the kids toys and they start to get all particular about it. Glen is a bossy boots in just the same way. When I made him a troll, he said, "oh he's great, but where's his short troll friend?" I love that robot so much I could eat it and it would taste like chocolate. Does Harry like chocolate? You should remind him that it is brown. Why are my comments so long? Why? Why?