Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wholesome post: A pincushion.

The title of this post is just to reassure you there's nothing shocking here today, just this little pincushion for my friend Katie, whose birthday was earlier this week.

I just love quick little craft projects like this: 15 minutes rifling through my fabric boxes looking for a cool piece to use, 10 minutes at the sewing machine, then about 15 minutes handstitching in front of the telly to finish it off. It's the perfect project when you're getting buried under big projects like curtains and skirts and patchwork quilts.

I also got her some smart new pins to go with it, the pearl-headed fancy kind. I've gotta tell you, the internet is a great source of pincushion inspiration, like here for instance. Next: A pincushion for myself.
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  1. Very nice :-) I love a good bit of instant-gratification craft. I think I'm in need of some, sewing mojo is MIA at the moment.


  2. I love it! I have never had a pin cushion and have certainly never splashed out on fancy pins. A very sincere and huge thank you to you Miss Smith.

  3. what a lovely little retro pin cushion!

    yes very wholesome but I am also a big fan of your unwholesome posts.

    It's refreshing to see a blog with a bit of an edge.

  4. Love the fabric. Im a huge fan of instant gratification too.

  5. That fabric looks like Mr. Men wallpaper, you know in the background on the illustrations!

  6. Oh, so cute!

    What were you watching? Let me guess, uhmmm... The Fashion Show, maybe?