Monday, June 15, 2009

Too socksy for my socks

Get a load of this:

Yip, I'm back in the craft community big time now that I can knit on four needles. My knit-tastic friend Linda talked me through getting started on my 4-needle socks, and rescued me when I dropped stitches and uncoolly craft-panicked. This variegated sock wool is the business though- see how it knits up all patterned? I love it.

Speaking of love:

The Founders Park Book Fair was a treasure trove of community cookbooks and other treasures like the one above. This cookbook has me thinking of the shimmering delights of gelatine, and I especially love that all the items within have been prepared by this possessed person. Simon and I had a few drinks the other night and laughed over this book until we wept. Now that's love.
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  1. Good for you. Your sock is looking great

  2. You are very clever. I can't even knit with one needle...

  3. I do hope you are going to show us more shots of your new cookbook. It reminds me of one which specialised in the use of bananas which you once highlighted.

  4. Hey and guess what? Remember that mysterious extra stitch? That was me! I figured out later that I'd accidentally made one stitch when picking up said dropped stitches. Sorry about that. Such is the life of a knitter, rich in mystery and drama.

  5. You must be a grown-up knitter, using four needles ;-) I'm still rather frightened of them, myself :-)
    I love how that yarn is knitting up, though.

    And yes....I still remember the "be bold with bananas" post....looking forward to discovering how one "gets groovy with gelatine", or whatever one does ;-)


  6. I want to say something clever just like you, but I've come up with nothing as clever!

    You're just too clever!

  7. the gelatine book reminds me of the saying about sausages and democracy - those who enjoy them should not see them being made. I think we could add gelatine to this category :-)

  8. Possessed is truly the word for it. That lady is high on gelatin! Or life!
    Yes, please, I echo Mary Anna's comment to share more of the interior of the cookbook!


  9. mmmmm gelatin lol!!! I have just found your blog today and so excited - I'm an ex-pat Kiwi living in New Hampshire in the States, and have been reading through your posts - delving into the archives and having a good laugh. I'm subscribing, that's for sure :)