Monday, June 29, 2009

My scrapbook.

I have a confession to make. I have often mocked the craft known as "scrapbooking". Yes, it was unkind, and I am sorry about that. As is often the case in life, I now have to eat humble pie because today I am new scrapbook.

I blame it on my craftnight buddies, Linda, Katie, and Vicky. Linda mentioned one night that when she sees something she likes in a magazine, she rips out the page and pastes it into a scrapbook. Katie and Vicky saw the simple and tasteful practicality of the idea and joined in. I kept a safe distance, razzing them all about "taking up scrapbooking".
But you know, they were right, so I jumped in too. It really is a great way of remembering things that you like. My scrapbook is a mixture of things I could make, things I would like to collect, colour schemes that appeal to me, various patterns, garden photos, furniture, etc.
See? You're never too old or too proud to take up a new craft passtime. Next post, a new fibre art: It's called "kite detangling".
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  1. AhahaHAAA! Welcome to the wonderful world of glue sticks my friend. Nice effort on the layout too. x

  2. love this idea, it's totally art school! thank you for sharing those pages, not to mention your confession about scrapbook-ism.

    I'm inspired!


  3. I don't have a scrap book yet so I am still free to mock. Yours looks fabulous, might have to save my mocking for others ..

  4. Call it an 'inspiration book' - as Iris E. said "totally art school". Keep it up - it's a great idea. x

  5. I do exactly that. And I'm VERY cool. Honestly.

  6. I'm with you on the scrap-ism. When I started quilting, my husband said it was ok, but to take up scrapbooking would be to take the nana arts too far. The book looks great and very useful. It doesn't look like you have crossed to the dark side yet, when you start buying notions just to stick them in a book, like fake movie tickets, I might have to recondsider.

  7. We actually did this "totally (in) art school." We made books like this with pallet ideas.