Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My gelatine dinner party

Hi, do you want to come to my gelatine dinner party? Whadya mean you're a bit squeamish about gelatine? According to this cookbook it is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN made from horns or hooves, but rather from tendons and carefully selected pieces of hide. Good. Thank you. We've got that straight now.
My party's gonna be great. First of all, I'm going to make myself thin and beautiful by following the hints for beauty with gelatine.

Then, I'm gonna cook a great menu of wobbly treats. I will take utmost care to have this exact expression while cooking.

For the starter, I couldn't go past the celery and chicken delight. Well, the title says it all really.

Now I know I said quite recently my last meal would be crumbed schnitzel, but I've changed my mind. My last meal would have to be the jellied lamb roast. Num num num num! Note the moulds of jellied peas served as a jaunty accompaniment.

Dessert? Oh thank you, but I couldn't. I couldn't stop myself gorging on the main courses. (Clutching tummy, loosening belt, and letting out deep sigh). Well, it's been a lovely evening. Thanks for coming!

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  1. Yes, yes! No, I'm not the least bit squeamish.

    Is it potluck? I'd like to bring this rainbow Jello dessert. It's that dessert when you pour one color of Jello, let it firm up, then another layer, let that layer firm up, and then another layer, so on and so forth, until the dish is filled with layers of rainbow Jello, even including a non-rainbow color white. Cut in small squares and serve.

    Those peas... they remind me of congealed beef soup.

  2. wo hoo .. "Be bold with Bananas" just got some competition!

  3. Eek...I don't know what to say. That woman and that food is truly, truly frightening. Give me old Betsy from a few posts ago anyday ;-)

    Dare you to actually make that for dinner and eat it all ;-) tehehe....


  4. OMFG.

    That's all I can manage right now.

  5. *Gag*

    I was doing well until the peas, thanks so much for pointing those out

  6. WOW, please can I come? I cant wait to see your face like that.


  7. oh my! love the gelatine beauty tips. Not so sure about the jellied lamb roast... scarey stuff lol!

  8. Mmmm....mmm, I think I have may have been put off jelly for life.
    I can't believe people actualy thought this was a good idea.

  9. I especially love the green nipple-things on the chicken mould-thing. Mmmmm ...

  10. for hair... "better than beer" and doesn't go tacky...

    You're going to be the most beautiful dinner party host!

    Diane :-)

  11. Well done Miss Smith, you made my day this morning!

  12. We should have a dinner party! Between my carnation milk and your gelatin, we will rule the culinary world!

    I think that lady is under the effects of much more than gelatin. I mean, I've been distracted by a shiny pan but...she's something special!

  13. Oh that was lovely, although I do feel rather wobbly and extra jiggly. As my great grandfather said, the first time he ate gelatine: "That's as near next to nothin' as anything I ever ate." And he threw he spoon expressively back into the bowl. Well!