Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wrapped and ready to go.

The Pretend Party described last post is great outlet for one of my favourite creative activities- wrapping presents. I love the sight and promise of a stack of wrapped presents, and the quirkier the wrap, the more I like it. Mary Anna and I have been putting together a parcel for our friend, and so the wrapping gear has come out to play.

First, on the upper left is a page from the 1969 NZ woman's journal. The page wasn't big enough to be used as gift wrap in itself, so it's teamed with a plain $1 sheet. The green wrapping paper (upper right) is recycled from some other gift and the thin satin ribbon is from Spotlight. The card is made by Me. The green wrapping paper (lower right) is Mary Anna's, and the brown parcel on the lower left is everything ready to go. What could be better than brown-paper-packages-tied-up-with-string I hear you singing? Well, since you ask, brown paper packages tied up with hemp twine handcrafted by women in Bangladesh and sold at Trade Aid. By far the most culturally aware ball of string I've ever come across.
The most memorably wrapped gift I ever got was a pocket calculator when I was about 10. It had a little faux suede sleeve and I thought it was the most sophisticated accessory imaginable.
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  1. That's beautiful, well done!

  2. hey looking good and that is one wholesome bit of twine.

  3. very nice. i do love wrapping things up too. mostly i just use the kids playcentre paintings

  4. My mother in law further conceals her wrapped presents in oddly-shaped containers which means you can never guess what the present is. Including something rattly could be a useful red herring too!

  5. hey, my first calculator had a swanky suede sleeve, too. Tres chic, n'est-ce pas?
    Nice twine ...

  6. Hi there - I think your parcel looks great. Your friend is a lucky prson indeed to get such a parcel which is so beautifully wrapped. I also like your idea of a preend birthday party for a workplace.

  7. Once again, I am shaking my head with amazement at you and MaryNanna's supreme thrify-creative intelligence. I like using old calendar pages to wrap sometimes. I am sure you have done this too!

  8. Love love love those packages. I can only imagine the delight your recipient will be filled with!
    So wonderful. Love especially the details like the pattern page element.