Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Pretend Birthday Party.

We spent the weekend staying very close to home. Sylvie was sick and Simon was away with the car, so we had to pull out all our best stay-at-home activities to amuse ourselves. A very favourite is The Pretend Birthday Party. We look through cookbooks to find a new cake recipe. I shepherd the wee ones towards one that looks easy. This is the one we used today. Beating for three minutes was very fun because each child had three 30-second turns with the electric beater.

To get in the party mood, I wrap up some of their toys in wrapping paper and tie a ribbon around them. I have a box of old wrapping paper and ribbon that is kept expressly for this purpose. The cake is iced party-style, with hundreds and thousands and a candle of course. If we have balloons we blow some up.

And then we have a party. The presents are torn open and the children say "what a lovely gift" in a silly voice. There's a "Happy pretend birthday" song, and the cake is pounced upon.

It's a great way to spend an afternoon, if you're at a loose end.

Postscript: I totally cracked myself up imagining doing this at work. I imagined putting a Very Important Meeting into everyone's Outlook Calender, then surprising them at the meeting with their own staplers, highlighters, and post-its wrapped in festive paper. Then a cake, and a happy pretend birthday song. Ha ha ha! Now if work really had been like that, perhaps I would have kept at it.

Postpostscript: I hope that wasn't sharing my imagination too excessively.

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  1. Great idea, and the cake recipe seems so deliciously easy!

  2. I wish you had done that at your work. That would have made me laugh and laugh and be your friend forever all over again.

  3. No such thing as too much imagination I say. It rocks!

  4. I love this idea, and also got a good laugh out of the work idea.

    Maybe when I'm feeling brave we'll try this. My kids love to play that it is someone's birthday party, and they wrap up their toys in blankets and present them to each other or to me.

  5. I was going to copy the 'Chocolate Cake (very simple) recipe BUT then I thought it looked a bit like my very own 'Crazy Cake', now I'm not claiming I invented it but I used to make it all the time as a kid, because it was so easy (chuck all the ingredients in and beat for 3 mins) and had such a cool name! The ingredients differ slightly from your one(eg just one egg) but the 2 recipes must be from the same stable. I have copied the green pea soup, its definitely soupish weather in Dunedin!

  6. Oh, Miss Smith, you are a fun mommy indeed. I love this idea and I will have to try it out on my tikes too!

  7. OMG... what a great idea! My children love birthday parties. Well! We shall have a pretend birthday party then.