Friday, May 1, 2009

New Month Resolutions, and Poole

Regular readers of this little corner of blogspace may remember I was going to do a series of small "new month resolutions" this year, instead of "New Year's resolutions". Would you be shocked to learn that new month resolutions are as floutable as New Year ones?

My first resolution was to stop eating leftovers off the children's plates. I've done okay with that. I don't do it unless I am really hungry and their leftovers really look delicious.

The second one was to drink a cup of water for every cup of coffee consumed, and I must confess that has been a dismal failure. D- for effort. Must try harder. Perhaps this lovely new coffee cup will help me.

I got it at a Garage Sale last weekend. It's made by Poole. Pooleware. Did I mention it's Poole? I am very proud of it.

Because I was doing so badly on my second resolution, I got discouraged and didn't make any new month resolutions in March and April. But now, May is here and I am getting back on that new month resolution horse.

May's resolution: Cook something every day. Apart from dinner I mean. My sister Miriam gave me that tip and it really does make our household more thrifty. If we already have biscuits in the tins then I don't buy any, and if we have french dressing already made in the fridge then I never need the Paul Newman's.
I love thrifty tips. Do you have any?
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  1. great resolution... maybe I'll steal it, ;)

  2. Hello stranger, yes I have been reading the blogs (yours and Nana's)and now that Mama has arrived I have a bit of time to add something...and of course I couldn't resist the invitation to add a thrifty tip. Strangely I've drawn a blank; probably because everything I do is pretty thrifty. The best thing I've been doing lately is using the freezer big-time. Not for leftovers, ever, because if they were nice the first time we would have eaten them but for say trebling a recipe and freezing two serves, doubling up on baking and freezing half, making my 3 minute all-in-a-bowl sponge for trifle and freezing that for when I fancy it and making spare bread rolls into garlic bread straight away and then putting them in oven bags so they can go straight from the freezer to the oven. Mother has been cracking the walnuts since she arrived so they go in the freezer too to keep them fresh. ciaou Miri

  3. ooh I love the Poole. I'm an utter sucker for it and that coffee cup is such a great shape to drink from. Ergonomic before there was a word for it.

    I'm having a hard time thinking of thrifty ideas that aren't food related so I's go with menu planning. While I don't strictly stick to it, I have list of the meals that I have shopped for and on the fridge door, so there are some ready made ideas when I come to think about dinner each day.

  4. Go to the Sally Army and buy an ugly scarf. Then rather than spend more time and more money on lovely fabric you'll spend the next month working out how to use it.

    You see, saved the planets resources in one easy step.

  5. I'm with Mary Nana on this one - thrifting is totally the way to go. I have bought any 'new' clothing this year so far. I thrift it, or make it from thrifted material. A very satisfying business!

    And that cup is the cutest! Once upon a time I had four (with saucers!) until a little someone who shan't be named was born into the family and started wrecking my treasures...

  6. I have no idea about Poole, but I can say that I recognize good lines when I see them, and that little number is hot stuff. SO inviting. The handle, the interior color. And your portrait of it rocks.

    Thrifty tips...Dinner menu planning helps quite a lot, because it's thrifty for your time as well as the wallet to know what's cooking each night IN ADVANCE! I feel smug when I do it, which is not always. Dammit, I see Amy shared this idea above. Well, see, it's a good one.

    Other thrifty tip, from your blog-reading librarian, is using the library. People are so shocked when they come to my house and see my rather modest collection here at home. I rarely buy books these days, but do you also know that your library maybe offers free WiFi, internet access, classes, magazines, online journal subscriptions, etc.?? Big thrifty tip, libraries are.

    Finally, I am a big one for line drying the wash when I can (you have seen the photos) and shutting lights off when leaving the room.


  7. Beans and rice. That's all I can think of. We eat the beans and rice when we need to be thrifty. You know, cheap AND has protein and fiber. But then at the end a bean and rice spell, we're ready for the gravy. Love the cup! I can tell its nice. The glaze inside says it all.