Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers and Fathers Days in our house are strictly no-spend. A long time ago, we decided that we needed to have at least one occasion where the convention is not to rush out and purchase things. Instead, we have always stuck to a home-made card and some flowers, selected and arranged by Harry and Sylvie. Hence...

Aren't they beautiful?
And just to show that we aren't being toooo sanctimonious, you might like to see what I bought for myself last week.

Yup, consumerism is alive and well, even if we have no presents on Mothers and Fathers Days. It's beautiful too, don't you think?

Yesterday I wore it out on brisk walk to the Centre of New Zealand. On the summit, there were four 20-something Irish tourists who wanted me to take their photo. "Sure" I said "Say centre-of-new-zealand!". They said nothing. Afterwards, one of them said "What did she say?" . His friend said, "I have no idea".

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  1. Pretty, pretty flowers!! Hurrah!!

  2. Oh those flowers are so funny! And your new gadget looks nice!

    Centre of New Zealand! (I said that outloud and smiled. Is that wierd?)

  3. Hmm, maybe try "cheese" next time? Just kidding, really, was it the accent? Which I love, I think I can tell a New Zealand accent but it is usually someone from England, so I have given up trying and embarassing myself. Aussie I can discern however!

  4. That's one good lookin' iPod.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. HI Jen - love your ipod too. I got one for my birthday and I totally love it. It's been great when Im away stuck in a souless motel room. Speaking of motels. Last week I was in christchurch and by the fourth night I was sooo lonely and sick of myself that I thought I would go to a movie. WHen I got there I was the only one there so watched a movie all by myself. How lonely is that!! Actually it was ok because I stretched out put my feet and thoroughly enjoyed it. Marg