Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Care parcels

I'm working on items for two "care parcels" at the moment. That is, small items to give to two people for no other reason than I would like to give them something, and I think they would like them.
First, two pillowcases featuring the Last Supper fabric I bought ages ago. I love this print, it teeters on that border between cool and incredibly nerdy, which sounds like a great place for a holiday if you ask me.

Wanna see a close up of the print? Here you go.

I'm pretty happy with these pillowcases, but I am a little uneasy with the brown-ness of this project. The brown-beige aesthetic is one I've always found tricky. The back and foldover parts are made from an old gingham tablecloth and some even browner fabric. Cripes! Browner and browner.
Sigh...the blue-brown aesthetic is one I find a little easier. This bag (from Lotta Jansdotter, as per usual) is made in vintage bark-cloth type rayon, blue and brown plaid, and blue demin. Did I say demin? I meant denim.

Its got a red corduroy pocket inside, because there is always a little piece of red corduroy struggling to get into any project of mine. I love red cord.

Now I just need to come up with a few more bits and pieces for each care parcel. Some chocolate of course, but what else?

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  1. Lovely items for your packages! I esp. love the bag, with that red corduroy gem inside! The bag looks to me like it wants to hold reading materials or a small project or some sort...perhaps a Mom's bag to the beach? Notecards?

    The pillowcase is a total riot, that fabric is so campy. Perfect gift for a recovering Catholic, I would say. What about sticking with the Jesus theme and putting in one of those tall candles that come in a glass holder with a picture of a saint or maybe Mary on it?

    Hopefully my comments are not offensive here. We like Jesus a lot here, but we're not very religious, if that makes sense.


  2. Jesus! Those pillowcases are heavenly!

    (That's about the best I can do without taking it too far)

  3. ooh Miss Smith I am filled with fabric envy. That fabric is the coolest, and the bag turned out great too!

    I strongly suspect you may have some tough competition stashed away for the ugly fabric contest!

  4. Wicked.

    I mean, cool. The pillow case too.

  5. brown = tricky, yes, but the Jesus biz counteracts it and then some.

  6. love the bag. Id be stoked to get such a cool parcel

  7. They are fabulous and cozy! I love nerdy combined with any combination. And I love that iconic stuff. Its strangely comforting and funny and serious and beautiful and goofy all at the same time. Does that make sense? And red corduroy DOES rock. Gosh, I just realized I don't have red corduroy pants, but I really should. I think we all should wear red corduroy pants.

  8. I really like the touch of red cordurory! Brilliant in more ways than one.

    I was sitting on my deck in the delicious sunshine today, watching a fluttering orange butterfly, and listening to the birds that are back because it's spring, and thinking: what awesome power to create a world in which spring and fall occur simultaneously... The Jesus print is actually rather tasteful as far as those things go, since there is no way to accurately capture His glory.