Friday, May 22, 2009

222: A giveaway

You know, most bloggers and crafty types I know are pretty all-round clever. They knit a bit, sew a bit, bake a bit, whatever. But most crafties have their particular thang. Some make beautiful clothes, some take amazing photos, others are superlative knitters. My thang is robots. So what else could I make to celebrate the auspicious occasion of my 222nd post today?

Larry is the third in the Civil Servant Range of Robots, and joins Les and Nigel. Larry is actually short for Lazarus, because it's been months since I made a robot so you could be forgiven for thinking that whole field of endeavour had died.

"Negative" said Larry, "Robots are very much alive here at Miss Smith's house". Larry is fairly comfortable here, but actually he won't be staying. He's coming to live with one of you. Before you leave a comment to enter the draw, I'll show you his control panel.

Fairly basic, this one. No lights, just a big red dial and a scale and four small control buttons. More an analog robot than a digital, but none-the-less capable of performing at least 222 functions. He will be sent anywhere in the world to one of you. Blog friends, other friends, lurkers, curious onlookers, you are all warmly invited to enter the draw. I'll pick a winner next Wednesday (May the 27th).

And (gulp of self conciousness because I'm about to be a little emotional), thanks everyone, all you visitors, commenters, lurkers, I am so happy that you all stop by and look in this tiny corner of the world. Love, Miss Smith

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  1. He's absolutely gorgeous! I love him and I know he'll put a smile on someone else's dial (family being ineligible to enter the draw).

    Happy blogging two hundred and twenty second anniversary. I have loved every post, but my favourite is still the haiku to the muffins. I still laugh about that even now, with a sore throat and pus ear.

  2. The muffin haiku was really something, thanks for reminding me Mary Anna!
    Yes, please, Larry. Are you keen to visit Maine? Kick around here with two boys and some chickens?
    Thanks for the giveaway...I'm usually not lucky, but that's OK.

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  4. Oopsie! Clean up on aisle 222!

    I must warn you. My ex-husband's name is Larry. But your robot Larry would be most welcome here. Most welcome. Heck! He might have a thing or two to teach me about Larrys.

    Happy 222! I passed #222 on my blog without so much as a slight nod in it's direction. I hope my blog isn't angry with me.

  5. He's wonderful... :)

    Happy 222nd post, what a great way to celebrate!

  6. Oh he is just too cool! If he came to live with me, he'd take pride of place in my classroom with Mr Monkey and Owl Borland and get 500 cuddles a day. 222 - that's impressive, congrats!

  7. He looks like a pretty funky/retro type of robot....congrats on 222. x

  8. Wow he's gorgeous! And congratulations on all those funny, clever and inspiring posts!

  9. 222 is a big milestone! Congrats to both you and your robots xx

    And shucks, you make me blush!

  10. Congrats on post 222! And I am seconding (thirding?) the comment about your magnificent muffin haiku.

    Larry, please come and live in the country with us. I'm sure you'd be very happy with us here; we'd sure be happy to have you here!

  11. congrats on 222..he could come to auckland and run for mayor of the supercity..we need someone like Larry

  12. Larry is super cute! If he'd like to live with us, we have two wee boys who promise to take good care of him :o)

  13. I love your robots - my boy would take great care of Larry ;-)

  14. Dear MIss Smith

    Lazarus is a single civil servant.
    Currently I am a single civil servant.

    We would make a very happy couple indeed.

  15. We had a robot named Steve for about a week but he left us for a three year old. We miss him. Larry would be very welcome here.
    I heart your blog.

  16. I've got to make a robot! My eldest son saw Larry and just fell in lurve.