Friday, April 3, 2009

A second delicious serving

You want more vegetable sheep? Another delicious serving of vegetable sheep? CAN YOU HANDLE MORE VEGETABLE SHEEP? That's my "hard talkin' coach" voice there, in case you didn't know. Here you are then, blog friends, with love from Me. The vegetable sheep are dotted up this hillside, a veritable flock of them, if you will.

And this is a wee alpine Dracophyllum. I call this one "Still life with tramper".

I know what you're all thinking.."where the frick has the craft gone?". I dunno blogfriends, lately I've been feeling all "Meh" about my craft. I'm sick of robots and I've run out of people to give them to anyway, my knitting projects have reminded me that I am too impatient to knit, all I seem to bake is the same-old-same-old, and the sewing machine keeps nagging me to finish those flippin' cushion covers. However, it's birthday month for me at the moment, so I'm bound to churn something out worth looking at once I drag my sorry arse away from watching New Zealand's Next Top Model. I hate myself for liking it.

Tell me, what are you feeling "Meh" about at the moment?

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  1. Meh about the housework for sure over here.

    I wish I could get over there and do some landscaping painting. So inspiring! I gasped when I saw it. (A very quiet gasp, but a gasp no less.)

  2. Meh about weight loss. I'm as heavy now as I was nine months pregnant. That makes me angry but obviously not angry enough, huh?

    The veggie sheep make me think of mounds of moss that grew in our backyard when I was a child. You could lay your head on it for a pillow. So silvery green and fluffy...If I were a botanist, I could tell you the name.

  3. I am feeling meh about having a reprise of the cold I got over a few weeks ago (Hello, what happened to building immunity?!).

    And thank you for the second helping of Vegetable Sheep. A whole flock.

  4. I feel "meh" about Flynn's tantrums which are coming thick and fast......whooooah buddy does it really matter THAT MUCH if I turn the light off and you wanted it left on?!? I guess it really does matter when you're getting close to being 2 years old!