Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mary Anna is (not) coming for tea

Everyone has a favourite birthday cake, don't they? Mine would have to be chocolate, but Mary Anna's was always lemon sultana cake. As you know, I have a stack of lemons to use before they go mouldy, so this morning I pretended that Mary Anna was coming for morning tea, and made lemon sultana muffins.

I wish she really was coming for morning tea.
Now, where do I keep my sultanas I hear you ask. The Dried Fruit Tin, of course. It's another little gem from the Nelson Recycling Centre.

Would you like to try some? Here you go:

Mix together 2 c self-raising flour, 3/4 c sugar, and rind of 2 extremely fresh delicious Totaranui lemons or whatever lemons you have at your place. In another bowl, mix together 1 c milk, 1 egg, and 75 g melted butter. Add to the dry ingredients along with 3/4 c sultanas from your crazy old dried fruit tin, and mix briefly. Spoon into muffin tins. Bake at 200 deg. celcius for 10-15 min until golden. As soon as they come out of the oven, spoon over a mixture of lemon juice and sugar.

Pretend that your sister has come for morning tea and enjoy with coffee or tea.

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  1. Hey I wish I was coming for tea too! Yum, I do love those lemon sultana cakes, thanks for the recipe, I shall have to bookmark this blog post!

  2. Sounds delish and I love the tin!

  3. Mmmm! Those look yummy. I've never had lemon sultana cakes. I fantasize about my sister coming over for tea too. All the time, actually. There's nothing like teatime with a sister.

  4. Inspirational. Been baking. Although my sultana container is not as flash as yours...

  5. Yummy pictures!

    So sorry that Mary Anna won't be coming over for tea. Thanks for the invite (recipe)!

  6. So "sultana" refers to a raisin and not the grape, correct? I've never heard this term or if I did, I thought it was the Sultan's sister.

  7. mmmm ta muchly Miss Smith, I don't ordinarily make muffins but with lemons + sugar you can't go wrong really. Or maybe you can. I'll let you know...