Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Instant gift gratification

Well, almost instant, anyway.

My sewing commitments are a little overwhelming at the moment, so I made a big batch of deluxe granola to give to my two crafty friends, Vicki and Linda, for their birthdays (which were a month ago, cough, cough). It's full of oaty-milletty-coconutty-almondy-pumpkin seedy-nutmeggy-cinnamonny-vanillaish-mapley-raisiny goodness. I got the recipe out of a book by these good people.

And my Mum, who is a very practical person, requested that I make her two oven cloths for her birthday. "And make them a decent size, will you?" she said. Okay then.

The swirly whirly sewn design is probably my favourite design feature on these cloths. I first saw it in Lotta Jansdotter's book, but I've seen it in many places since then. I also love that oranges print- it's a recycled linen tea towel that I got at the junk shop.

What are your favourite handmade gifts?

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  1. I love the oranges linen too!

    My favourite handmade gift totally depends on who I'm giving to. But I do like to make tea wallets at the moment - they're fun! :D

  2. Oooh, the granola is a fab idea. I think I might have to steal it for next Christmas. And the oven cloths are great too. Been meaning to make some for me. Maybe a school holidays project?

  3. Does it have sugar in the ingredients? My husband is allergic to refined, white sugar... it's hard to find recipes for him.

    Your potholders are lovely! Your crafts are always lovely...

  4. Yes, the linens are lovely. We're just about to send out parcels of carrot-oat bikkies as Easter treats for special people, and I've been knitting hats and baby jackets to aid my de-stashing this year ...

  5. Hmm, jars of granola are a great idea and I love your oven cloths. I'd have to say homemade baking is my favourite handmade gift for others. For myself, it would have to be my childrens handmade cards.

  6. I say: Yes please to that delicious looking granola! Pass the yogurt.

    My husband is the granola chef around here, as---no lie---he was employed in a granola factory for a few years. He finally got his recipe right for me, after years of me being snobby about it.

    Love your mitts! That Lotta swirl is great.


  7. YUM! Miss Smith your granola is heavenly. I think about it all the time. I hate coming to work because it means we'll be apart. I can't stop myself eating it. Straight from the jar. With my fingers. O dear is that Bad? Lx

  8. Yummy granola!

    I like giving therapeutic lavendar rice bags. (I know a mouth-full.) Just a rectangle neck pillow filled with rice and lavendar to be heated in microwave and put on achy places. Very easy and always a hit!

  9. Oh, why don't you have an Etsy shop? You are sew-riffic!