Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Instant craft gratification

Given my appallingly short concentration span at night, making cards is the perfect craft passtime. What's more, it's excellent therapy for treating craft "meh".
I made some cards out of my plant photos....

And some from an old Mr Men annual that I got for 20 cents at the junk shop....

And a couple of cards from some old knitting patterns. I love their dorkiness.

Would you believe I have a whole file box full of old knitting patterns, just waiting to be made into something wonderful? Yes, I think you would believe that.
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  1. Thursday and Saturday are the whole story of my life.

    Those are fancy cards indeed and I think anyone should be honored to receive one!

  2. Those botanical photos are so beautiful. I am requesting a set for my next birthday present please. Thank you.

  3. Mr. Men make me so happy. Glen's really into the books right now. Yay! I've been planning a mr. men themed Easter basket. I can't wait to see what else you do with the knitting pattern pictures. Do you give those as Anniversary cards to people?

  4. It sounds like an ATC stash to me!

    Those dorky models are perfect. Sometimes those models are just so darn smug.

    Lovely lovely, so good to see your cure in action!